What are the most worthwhile bags to invest in this year? Ill know after reading this article

 What are the most worthwhile bags to invest in this year? Ill know after reading this article

Bv becomes the most fashionable persons favorite

Since Daniel Lee joined BV, the overall style of the brand has become colder and more fashionable, especially the pouch cloud bag, which is almost a must-have item for the fashionable elite. This upsurge still lingers outside the fashion week show. With the cloud bag temperament, you can come up with it. In addition to the basic versatile coffee color system, the more skipping silver and mint green add layers to the overall look and become fashionable Gas field.

In addition to the cloud bag, minijodie, a full and lovely padded cassettege, and a woven handbag with chain and tassel elements are also simple and easy to match.

Its true that the thicker the bag chain is, the better it looks! The strong metal chain and the soft cloud package create a modern style. The metal luster of the chain has its own delicate feeling and exaggerated coarseness, which has magical compatibility.

Pradas nylon bag is waterproof and dirt resistant. It has a retro tone. The nylon bag is made of pure color with simple and clean logo. It will not step on thunder when it is matched with any style of clothes. It can be carried by hand or under the armpit and back. It is very light. The red bag is eye-catching and modern.

A package of multi-purpose three in one, can easily get casual sense of fashion.

More and more fashionable girls regard the underarm bag as the most popular ITBAG. Various brands have also created many different styles of underarm bags. The Prada nylon bag mentioned above is a reproduction. In addition to Prada, there are many other brands in the show this year, such as the niche brand staud and the novel and chic coperni eggshell bag. The chic and lovely shape matching degree is quite high and wide The handle is designed to make the bag comfortable to carry on the arm.

The most attractive part of fashion week is the lvvintage denim underarm bag. Although it has been baptized by years, it is still full of modern feeling.

Dior saddle, embroidered lady Dior and Chanel classipflap also appear outside the show. These classic styles will never go out of fashion forever!

Source: Netease fashion editor: Xie Yi_ NQ4682