What information does the treatment plan reveal about Trumps new crown infection?

 What information does the treatment plan reveal about Trumps new crown infection?

On October 2, U.S. President trump announced that his new coronavirus test was positive, becoming one of the 7.33 million new coronavirus infections in the United States. Source: pixabay.com

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US President Donald Trump announced that he and his wife Melanie had tested positive for the new coronavirus and would immediately begin the process of isolation and rehabilitation.

As one of the most powerful people in the world, what kind of treatment will trump receive for the new crown?

According to two treatment plans released by the White House on October 2, two drugs under study deserve attention.

On Friday morning, the White House released details of Trumps treatment plan for the first time. According to President physician Sean P. Seanp. Conley) reported that trump received a combination of two monoclonal antibody therapies developed by regenerant. Preliminary data suggest that this treatment, which is still in clinical trials, can reduce viral load and improve symptoms in non hospitalized new crown patients. According to the report, trump is also taking zinc, vitamin D, melatonin, famotidine and daily aspirin.

In the evening, White House press spokesman Kayleigh mcenan issued a statement updating Trumps treatment details: Dr. Conley said trump was being treated with the Gilead antiviral drug remdesivir. The novel coronavirus pneumonia clinical trial (SIMPLE) data released by Gillie previously showed that the clinical improvement rate of 65% patients with moderate new crown pneumonia treated with Reeds 5 days was 65% higher than that of standard treatment. As early as May 1, redcivir was authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of patients with new crown.

So, what information does the White House release about the treatment plan?


Trump has a mild heart attack

According to the New York Times, 74 year old trump suffered from mild heart disease and took statins to treat hyperlipidemia. According to his health condition in June, his weight also reached the standard of obesity. According to the existing research, obesity, old age, male and basic diseases are the characteristics of high-risk population. [1

The names of aspirin and famotidine can be seen in the White Houses first treatment plan for trump. The former is a common drug for secondary prevention in patients with heart disease; the latter is an antacid drug, which can inhibit gastric acid secretion, and is suitable for gastric and duodenal ulcer, reflux esophagitis, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, etc.

On the morning of October 2, the White House announced the first trump treatment plan.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was tried in the New York health center in April, according to Science magazines report. However, a doctor in charge of the hospital system research said at that time that he was not willing to talk about the drug prematurely because it might lead to the disconnection of the drug supply chain [2]. According to the latest report in the journal Science on October 2, the van Stein Institute of medicine, which launched the trial, published a statement that day citing some evidence that famotidine is helpful to coronavirus, but also said: we have not proved the efficacy of famotidine. The Institute said it was eagerly waiting for FDA approval of a trial to assess whether famotidine could help infected people who were not hospitalized.


Trump has been hospitalized

In the early hours of October 2, trump announced that he had tested positive for his new coronavirus. According to a number of media reports, trump took a special helicopter to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at 6 p.m. that day.

The White House said trump was in good spirits and had a mild illness. He went to the hospital out of extreme caution.

According to the White Houses second memo on Trumps treatment plan, the proposal was made by Dr. Conley after consulting experts from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Johns Hopkins University.

On the night of October 2, the White House updated Trumps treatment plan.

Conley also said that trump was in good health and did not need additional oxygen support, but the experts decided to use radcivir after discussion. He (trump) has completed the first dose and now he has a good rest. Conley wrote in a statement.


Antibody therapy of regenerant attracts peoples attention

In the first drug list, the most remarkable is the combination therapy of two monoclonal antibodies developed by biotechnology company regenerant pharmaceutical.

These two neutralizing antibodies, regn10933 and regn10987, were obtained by Regent after screening thousands of candidate antibodies on the platform of humanized genetically modified mice, combined with a batch of antibodies obtained from convalescent patients infected with covid-19. The two neutralizing antibodies can non competitively bind to the key site of spinin receptor of covid-19 virus and reduce the immune escape of mutant virus. Regent combines the two antibodies to form a combined therapy called regn-cov2. The so-called monoclonal antibody refers to the large-scale production of antibodies derived from the cloning of a single B cell, which can secrete neutralizing antibodies.

Currently, the combination therapy of regn-cov2 has not obtained the urgent authorization of FDA. According to zygen, trump is treated through single patient trial new drug application. This channel is aimed at patients who meet certain standards and has a review committee.

According to the US health news media stat, trump has received the highest dose of this antibody combination therapy - intravenous injection of 8 g monoclonal antibody, the whole process takes about 1 hour [5].

It is understood that Zaiyuan pharmaceutical was established in 1988. It is a R & D pharmaceutical enterprise characterized by innovative drugs. At present, all the drugs in its pipeline are developed by the companys internal laboratory. So far, seven kinds of drugs or therapies have been approved by FDA.

On July 7 this year, Zaiyuan pharmaceutical signed a US $450 million contract with the US biomedical advanced research and Development Agency (BARDA) and the US Department of defense, which will produce and provide the US government with its ongoing covid-19 dual antibody combination therapy, regn-cov2. The contract states that regn-cov2 will be owned by the federal government of the United States. If the clinical trial is successful, FDA will approve emergency use authorization (EUA) or drug approval for regn-cov2.

According to regenerants news on September 29, given the encouraging early data from regn-cov2, the company said it had begun to discuss the test results with regulators.

Trumps medication fully demonstrates the potential of neutralizing antibody as a new crown specific drug. With years of accumulation, regenerant is the first to obtain better clinical results. We also hope that in the future, neutralizing antibodies with better clinical efficacy will come out. Peking University Professor Xie Xiaoliang commented.

In March this year, Xie Xiaoliangs team and partners screened highly active neutralizing antibodies (bgb-dxp593 and bgb-dxp604) from the blood of patients in the convalescent period of Xinguan. The relevant molecular, structural and animal test results have been published twice in the Journal of cell. Xie Xiaoliang revealed that the two antibodies have been given phase I clinical administration by Baiji Shenzhou, and phase II clinical work is being promoted in Australia and the United States. At present, there is no strict comparison with regenerant, so we can not judge which curative effect is better.


What therapies has trump publicly supported?

Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, said trump put politics ahead of science. Its not about good science, not even about peoples health, but about his re-election, he wrote on twitter

In August of this year, trump once attacked the US FDA through Twitter, accusing some of the agency of conspiring against him, and said that someone in the FDA had deliberately delayed the vaccine test, which might lead to the vaccine not available until after the US election. The FDA announced on August 23 that it approved the use of plasma from convalescent patients with new coronavirus. Many media reports in the United States have reported that the FDA is under the pressure of trump to authorize plasma treatment for patients with new crown.

Trump also recommended hydroxychloroquine for the treatment and prevention of the new coronavirus at a White House briefing, and tweeted that he had taken the drug. However, the drug has been found to have serious safety risks in clinical trials, and can not bring benefits to patients. The World Health Organization later stopped clinical trials of the drug for safety reasons.

In April novel coronavirus pneumonia was also mentioned in a speech by Trump in a speech, which was quickly treated by ultraviolet radiation and the injection of disinfectant. Trump later clarified that these were cold jokes intended to ridicule and ridicule. However, the US media reported that some people died after taking chloroquine detergent because of Trumps speech.

However, at least from now on, after trump himself infected with the new coronavirus, he should have chosen to follow the advice of professional doctors.

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