3 people eat 4 jin crayfish in online shop, 2 people dissolve striated muscle, restaurant response

 3 people eat 4 jin crayfish in online shop, 2 people dissolve striated muscle, restaurant response

Medical report provided by Ms. Liu

Whats going on? Last night, the hour news reporter contacted the reporter, Ms. Liu, who told the reporter the whole story.

On September 20, Ms. Liu made an appointment with two little sisters and went to Hangzhous persimmon lobster and crab restaurant to relieve her craving.

In fact, they are also regular customers of this online store. They have been there about four or five times, sometimes ordering takeout. On September 20, as usual, she and her little sister ordered six catties of crayfish and two crabs, and had a good time.

At 2:30 p.m., Ms. Liu separated after eating and packed more than one kilogram of crayfish.

But more than four hours after eating crayfish, Ms. Liu found that her neck, shoulders and arms were very sour. In her words, I cant stand, I cant sit tight. so she went to see a doctor immediately.

In the evening of the same day, Ms. Liu, accompanied by her family, went to Tongde Hospital of Zhejiang Province for treatment. When the diagnosis came out, she was dumbfounded. She not only diagnosed rhabdomyolysis, but her blood pressure also soared to 148 / 93mmhg. However, her normal blood pressure was basically normal without symptoms of high blood pressure.

Medical report provided by Ms. Liu

To Ms. Lius surprise, Ms. Zhu, a little sister who ate crayfish with herself, developed similar symptoms one hour after eating crayfish.

This morning, an hour news reporter contacted Ms. Zhu.

She said, about an hour after eating the crayfish in the Xi persimmon restaurant, on the way home, I felt the distending pain in my abdomen, and then it became tingling, which quickly spread to the waist, back, shoulder and even the cheek. The pain depends on the last bit of sober consciousness and sends voice to my friend for help. Fortunately, another friend is nearby. He immediately sent me to the nearest Zhejiang No.2 Hospital. In the hospital, I could not stand at all because of the pain. I could only curl up in the hospital bed and be pushed around for various examinations. The diagnosis given by the doctor is also rhabdomyolysis.

One of the obvious feelings is that the hands cant be lifted, even the mobile phone cant be used. Three days later, the diagnosis of creatine kinase increase is still diagnosed. Ms. Zhu said.

The other little sister of the same company, however, had no symptoms. Ms. Liu recalled that the little sister ate wonton before she came to eat crayfish that day. She was not hungry. She only ate a few crayfish and drank a lot of ice water after eating crayfish.

This made Ms. Liu immediately alert: it is likely that eating crayfish caused rhabdomyolysis.

In order to prevent more people from being recruited, and hoping that the relevant departments could find out as soon as possible, Ms. Liu asked her husband to call the complaint hotline of the food and drug administration. The other party suggested that Ms. Liu could negotiate with the merchants first.

Screenshot of communication between Ms. Liu and the store owner

For this explanation and compensation plan, Ms. Liu is not satisfied, because rhabdomyolysis delayed these days, the cost of lost work is far more than 5000 yuan, and the cost of lost work is about 20000 or 30000 yuan, which can be verified. Even if full compensation is made for the delay, the damage to the body is irreversible...

On the inspection and quarantine results, follow-up compensation and other related issues, the hour reporter also contacted Mr. Zhang, the person in charge of Xi Shi restaurant.

Third party inspection report provided by the store.

More news

Eat crayfish easy to suffer from rhabdomyolysis syndrome? Compliance reduces risk

Consumers in many places recently reported that they were diagnosed with crayfish related rhabdomyolysis syndrome (also known as harfs disease) after eating crayfish. Experts pointed out that there is no clear evidence to prove the exact cause of the symptoms. But most scientists believe that the cause of the disease is an unknown heat-resistant toxin, which may accumulate in crayfish when they eat. In order to reduce the risk of eating, consumers are advised not to eat wild shrimp and pay attention to the product qualification when purchasing.

The cause of the disease remains to be explored

In September 2020, many consumers from Guangxi, Fujian, Jiangxi and other places successively told the media that they were sent to the hospital after eating crayfish and were diagnosed with crayfish related rhabdomyolysis syndrome. For a while, the topic of eating crayfish rhabdomyolysis triggered heated discussion on social platforms. Some netizens think that such a situation may be due to the unsanitary processing links, but some netizens said that they had the same experience, and the crayfish was cooked at home.

This year, the emergency department of Union Medical College Shenzhen Hospital (Nanshan hospital) of Huazhong University of science and technology introduced to the media that from July to September 2020, the Department had treated at least 50 patients with rhabdomyolysis syndrome. Although there is no clear evidence to prove that eating crayfish will lead to rhabdomyolysis syndrome, the patients did not exercise excessively or take relevant drugs before the onset of the disease, except for eating crayfish.

The toxin is accumulated by eating crayfish

Ruan Guangfeng, an expert of China Food anti rumor alliance and director of business department of Kexin food and nutrition information exchange center, told Beijing news that the causes of crayfish related rhabdomyolysis syndrome are very complex, including mechanical muscle injury, drugs and poisons, metabolic abnormalities, virus or bacterial infection, and genetic factors. However, at present, most scientists believe that the pathogenic factor may be some unknown heat-resistant toxin, and freshwater organisms such as crayfish and buffalo fish may accumulate toxins by ingesting specific toxic substances in specific waters.

According to the official website of Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the longest incubation period of crayfish related rhabdomyolysis syndrome is 16 hours, the shortest is 3.5 hours, and it is generally about 8 hours. The main clinical symptoms were general or local muscle soreness, weakness, urine color change, chest tightness / pain, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. a small number of patients had joint pain, fever, abdominal pain, nausea, headache, dyspnea and other symptoms. Severe cases even appear soy sauce urine, which means that the renal function begins to appear damage, which needs detoxification treatment for the kidney.

Ruan Guangfeng pointed out that the harm of rhabdomyolysis syndrome can be light or heavy. If treated in time, it can recover quickly without serious consequences. If it is more serious, it may lead to further deterioration of the condition. However, judging from the cases collected at present, most patients will recover in 2-3 days after diagnosis, and those with mild symptoms can even be cured without treatment. You dont need to hear it.

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