Hu Sheguang: national feelings are in the bone

 Hu Sheguang: national feelings are in the bone

Hu Sheguang, the most gifted designer with Chinese style. At the age of 16, he went to study abroad to learn about tailoring techniques at the Amsterdam Academy of art, while designing his own collection of clothes in his spare time. At the most, Hu Sheguang exhibited 45 fashion shows a year. In the Netherlands for more than 30 years, he has not only become an outstanding graduate of the college, founded the brand of Sheguang Hu with the same name. His design style is also very popular with the queen of the Netherlands: he has designed the visiting dress for the queen for 13 years.

Hu Sheguang insists on Integrating Chinese national culture into the design of each series of clothing. It is his goal and vision to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture and make the national culture live: it is not only Chinas unique fabrics, crafts and patterns, but also to spread the beauty and charm of national style to all parts of the world.

Born in a Mongolian family, Hu Sheguang has national feelings in his heart. His original brand, Sheguang Hu, each series shows the designers deep understanding and feeling of Chinese national culture.

This time, we talked with designer Hu Sheguang on how to integrate national elements into modern design. As a leader of a fashion womens army, he has many ideas to share about the beauty of grounded women.

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Hu Sheguang: national sentiment is the thing in the bone (source: Netease fashion original)

Netease fashion: how to treat the controversy caused by Zhang Xinyu wearing northeast cotton padded jacket dress and walking the red carpet?

Hu Sheguang: for Zhang Xinyus dress of northeast big flower cotton padded jacket that I designed blooming on the red carpet of Cannes, it is particularly interesting that this work is not only controversial in the fashion circle, but also has the right to dispute my work. I feel that it is a very happy and happy thing.

Netease fashion: why do you want to be grounded fashion?

Hu Sheguang: in recent years, my design is relatively grounded, because my design inspiration comes from my (living) environment. What I see, hear, taste, experience and experience every day, so I feel that grounded gas means landing life and inspiring some inspiration in life.

Netease fashion: how to understand national fashion?

Hu Sheguang: the first thing to do is to have a deep understanding of our countrys cultural heritage. After we have a deep understanding of traditional culture and national culture, we can integrate some of our current ideas. As a contemporary fashion designer, the traditional culture and national culture as design inspiration into the present, this is the national fashion.

Netease fashion: what is the embodiment of national style design in your works?

For example, I have two shows this year. One of them is called the Silk Road people, which was shown at the British Museum of natural history. The design inspiration of this show comes from our Mongolian nationality, so we can clearly feel the Mongolian clothing concept in this clothing series.

There is also a show called the show. The whole design inspiration of this show is from the marriage concept of China. What is the restriction of Chinese marriage on people? After a series of research in this field, I designed this series called show. At that time, many people who watched the show shed tears. In addition to clothing, fashion design itself was endowed with emotions and feelings, so the show had a great impact on me personally.

Netease fashion: how to treat the Chinese style design of many current fashion brands?

Hu Sheguang: I think the most important thing about Chinese style is how to understand it and how to use this traditional design concept, beautiful historical culture and national culture to the extreme. At present, many world famous brands are also inspired by Chinese style, but many designers do not know much about China when they are inspired by Chinese style. In the eyes of foreign designers, Chinese style is still something very traditional. It has not entered the essence.

Hu Sheguang: no matter what series I do, you can see that I have feelings of ethnic minorities (Mongolian). I think it should be something in the bone. As a designer, your recognition is the most important thing. Chinese style is something in my bones. In the past two years, I especially like to study our Chinese history and culture. I also often go out to have a look and draw some inspiration.

Netease fashion: how to make Chinese traditional elements present in a more fashionable way?

Hu Sheguang: this element is not necessarily some lines or lines. It may appear in the pattern. You can let the people wearing this dress feel the Chinese style. I think it is the most successful thing.

Hu Sheguang: the dress I designed for the queen of Holland is the dress for her visit. It has been designed for 13 years. This period of time for me, is a very good learning stage.

Netease fashion: how to look at the development of Chinas fashion industry in recent years?

Hu Sheguang: I remember ten years ago, when I just returned to China to do the first fashion week, there were only two fashion weeks in China, one was China International Fashion Week, and the other was Shanghai international fashion week. Now, if we look at it ten years later, Chinas first and second tier cities have their own unique international fashion week, which is inseparable from the support and efforts of the state and the government for the fashion sector. Chinese design talents have such a platform to bloom themselves, let the world see my existence and let the world see Chinese design. I think this is particularly important, good and worthy Proud things.

The Silk Road: Nationality

Inspired by the unique culture and history of Mongolian nationality, Hu Sheguang integrates the characteristics of Mongolian costume into the design: gorgeous colors, gorgeous jewelry, unique hat decoration & warm leather, so that more people can understand the diversity of Chinese national culture.


Hu Sheguang designed a series of costumes named Yu with Chinese red as the theme color. He used the most common patent leather, silk and lace to show his understanding of Chinese style marriage: commitment and shackle. The jubilant red with tough patent leather, a strong sense of conflict explained his reluctance and helplessness to feudal marriage.

When you really get close to Hu Sheguang, you will find that he has never stopped exploring how to integrate Chinese national culture with the current fashion trend. Every innovation and challenge is his further interpretation and understanding of Chinese culture, and bring this charm to the world. The enthusiasm and passion for Chinese national culture can be as pure and simple as ever for decades. Maybe this is the real light of Hu Sheguang, the designer of Guicai Guofeng. What are the most worthwhile bags to invest in this year? After reading this article, we will know who won the Star Contest of Li Qin re Ba Jiang thin film festival party? She said that the style of ancient style is the second, no one dares to be the first_ NQ4682