Patriotism is the core of our national spirit

 Patriotism is the core of our national spirit

This speech came from Xi Jinpings speech at the 54 sports 100th anniversary conference in April 30, 2019.

Patriotism is the deepest and most lasting emotion in the world. Patriotism is the sum of the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of loving and being loyal to ones own motherland. It is a kind of political and moral principle to treat the motherland.

In the 5000 year history of the Chinese nation, patriotism has always been the main theme. During the May 4th movement, a group of young pioneers stepped forward and played a magnificent patriotic song, which further sublimated the spirit that can not be removed, broken or destroyed. It is precisely because of holding high the great banner of patriotism that the Chinese people and the Chinese nation can burst out a great historical force in the struggle to transform China and the world. This struggle with the novel coronavirus pneumonia shows us that the burning and deep patriotic feelings that have been erupted at a critical juncture, and unite the great force of unity and epidemic resistance, reverberate in the depths of Chinese civilization and are in the heart of every Chinese nation.

Patriotism is concrete, not abstract; it is vivid, not empty. Since the founding of the Communist Party of China, the fate of the motherland has been closely linked with that of the party and socialism. In contemporary China, the essence of patriotism is to adhere to a high degree of unity of patriotism and love of the party and socialism. Only by adhering to the unity of patriotism and loving the party and socialism can patriotism be vivid and true.

For every Chinese, patriotism is a duty and a duty. It is the place of heart and emotion. Patriotism should not be confined to slogans. We should closely link our ideals with the future of our motherland and our own life with the fate of our nation. We should take root in the people and devote ourselves to our country.

(special expert in this issue: Chang cultivates associate professor of National Security College of National Defense University)