Where are the mooncakes that cant be sold? Price reduction sale or return to upstream manufacturers

 Where are the mooncakes that cant be sold? Price reduction sale or return to upstream manufacturers


Zhengzhou, Henan: sharp price reduction of moon cakes

Mid autumn sale

On the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, the reporter visited Yonghui, Dashang, Dennis, Wal Mart, Carrefour and other national supermarket chains in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, and found that moon cakes were being greatly reduced in price promotion. The ultra-low price has also attracted many people to buy.

At 3:00 p.m., the reporter saw in a supermarket chain that the mooncake counter had quickly put other commodities on display. The unsold mooncakes began to be sold to internal employees at less than 30% discount.

Hou Weitian, head of the food department of Zhongyuan store in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, said the supermarket would sell all its own goods on the last day.

At 8 p.m., its two hours before the supermarket closes. The reporter saw that the staff had removed the unsold moon cakes from the counter. The person in charge told reporters that these mooncakes will be returned to the moon cake manufacturers or upstream dealers after the National Day holiday.


Gift box packaging to be reused next year

There are two ways for Shangchao to sell mooncakes. One is to sell them at a very low price, and the other is to return them to upstream manufacturers. What is the fate of these returned mooncakes?

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Gift box packaging will be reused in the coming year, and expired moon cakes will be destroyed uniformly (source: video synthesis)

Through visiting the markets in Beijing and Henan Province, the reporter learned that consumers mainly buy moon cake gift boxes as gifts to relatives and friends. However, once the Mid Autumn Festival is over, it is difficult to sell them out again. A considerable part of the mooncake gift boxes returned from the retail end to the food manufacturers will be distributed to the employees by the manufacturers as welfare.

Zhou Guangjun, President of a moon cake production enterprise: whether it is a production enterprise or a distribution unit, the employees can digest part of it and distribute some welfare, which basically solves the problem.

In addition, the reporter learned that, whether it is the remaining packaging materials of the moon cake production enterprises, or the moon cake gift boxes returned to the manufacturers or distribution enterprises by the retail end, on the premise of not affecting the food safety, will be kept for use until next year.

Staff member of a food company in Henan: I cant throw it. In the early stage, I sell them at a positive price. In the later stage, I will dig out the cakes, sell the loose cakes, and remove the gift box from the factory. The cakes will be cleared in the market, and the gift box can be reused next year.

Reporters learned that the market sales of moon cakes, the shelf life is generally about 90 days. For those mooncakes that have not been sold near the shelf life, the relevant departments will recycle them in accordance with the relevant regulations, and take measures such as dyeing and destruction to ensure that no expired mooncakes are sold again in the market, and that the manufacturers will not use the recovered mooncakes as raw materials for further processing and production.

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Monthly cake consumption report: traditional mooncakes still call high education and high consumption become a new trend

Todays material life is rich. Moon cakes have already become snacks to be tasted at any time. Along with them, many traditional programs based on agricultural civilization are gradually losing their foundation and facing impact.

Is moon cake still popular as a traditional pastry? What innovations will mooncake manufacturers bring? What changes will the moon cake market have in 2020? Lets take a look at the consumption report of moon cake data in 2020 of time data.

In other words, in the two months before August 15, at least 300 million yuan of moon cakes were sold on the market every day.

The reason why enterprises enter the market one after another, of course, is because of profits, but the profit of moon cake is higher than you imagine.

At the same time, the total profits of New York Island, Chicago and Beverly Hills three Peninsula Hotels in the United States did not exceed 40 million yuan, which can be seen from the high profits of moon cakes.

The latest example is that in 2019, Yuanzu food, a well-known mooncake manufacturer, made a profit of 248 million yuan, of which 240 million yuan came from the third quarter. The sales of moon cakes are very important, and the gross profit rate of mooncake gift boxes is 65.85%; in the same period, Guangzhou Restaurant has 3 billion yuan of business income, and moon cake contributed 41.4%.

In the past five years, the market scale of Chinas moon cake industry has maintained a growing trend. In addition, the policy attaches great importance to traditional festivals, and the weight of the Mid Autumn Festival is becoming heavier and heavier, and the moon cake is also rejuvenated.

August 15 is the Mid Autumn Festival. People feed on moon cakes, meaning reunion. As early as the Ming Dynasty, due to the development of civil society and economic prosperity in Jiangnan area, the local people had the custom of giving each other moon cakes in the Mid Autumn Festival to wish each other a happy family reunion.

Nowadays, under the market-oriented marketing, moon cake is not only a necessary food for family reunion and mutual gift between close relatives, but also a sharp tool for reciprocity in social intercourse.

According to the report on consumption of moon cake data in 2020, the willingness of Chinese consumers to buy mooncakes in 2019 reaches 60.4%, of which 20.6% intend to buy and give away, accounting for more than one third. Among 39.6% of consumers who did not intend to buy, nearly half of them thought that the company would give it to them instead of buying them by themselves.

Now things have changed a lot. According to the report on consumption of moon cake data in 2020, 51.1% of consumers buy mooncakes within 99 yuan, while only 2.3% of consumers buy more than 300 yuan.

This shows that most of the prices of moon cakes have begun to take the road of being more people-friendly. Whether it is in bulk or in boxes, the pricing of moon cakes is generally rational, and consumers are more willing to pay for it.

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