Shandong man Wuhan city with his son Wuchang back! Golden week in Wuhan, they are busy with these

 Shandong man Wuhan city with his son Wuchang back! Golden week in Wuhan, they are busy with these

Wuhan city is from Shandong Province. The name on his ID card is Wuhan city.

The names of the father and son make the people of Wuhan feel very kind,

Wuhan was unsealed,

Wuhan school begins,

I want to visit Wuhan,

Look at this heroic city and heroic people.

Wuhan city comes to Wuhan City

Gong Chutian is waiting at the toll station of the Metropolis Daily,

A Passat car with the brand name of RUQ came,

It started from dongdun village, machanghu Town, Linyi City, Shandong Province, and traveled nearly 900 kilometers to Wuhan.

The driver was a young man named Wuhan City, with his wife and his little son Wuchang, one year old and seven months old, in a family of three.

The Wuhan family was invited to the editorial department of Chutian Metropolis Daily and visited the honor room,

You have a lot of medals,

Brothers of faithfulness, pay by relay,

College students have built a ladder to save people,

Full of positive energy.

In fact, Wuhan is also a person full of positive energy.

After visiting Chutian Metropolis Daily, a Wuhan family, accompanied by a reporter, made a special trip to Wuhan childrens welfare home to present stationery to children.

There are schoolbags, colored pens, pencils, erasers, writing books, triangle rulers, rope skipping, sandbags

Its just a little bit of heart. The car is too small to hold a lot of things. Wuhan said sorry.

Due to the epidemic prevention and control reasons, Wuhan did not see children in welfare homes. The teacher received the stationery in the janitors office and expressed his thanks to Wuhan.

After leaving the Wuhan childrens welfare home, Wuhan said that it was really kind to see the three words of Wuhan in the street.

After the release of Wuhan City, Wuhan city was on fire

Wuhan is from dongdun village, machanghu Town, Linyi City, Shandong Province,

On April 8, Wuhan Lihan corridor was officially opened,

Wuhan city is happy to see this news!

Wuhan is so happy!

Tiktok, no sound.

Not enough to express happy mood!

In April 10th, Wuhan gave a tiktok to congratulate Wuhan on its release.

A few days later, a reporter from Chutian Metropolis Daily found Wuhan and interviewed him,

Wuhan said:

To express his inner joy, he made a video of shaking his voice, drying out his birth certificate and his sons son, wishing tiktok Wuhan.

Chutian Metropolis Daily immediately published a report entitled:

Wuhan City is on fire! His sons name is Wuchang,

As a result, Wuhan is really on fire,

Wuhan is also very happy

More than 90% of the villagers are surnamed Wu

The son of Wuhan city is Wuchang,

He has a cousin named Wuhan line,

Wuhan said he was from dongdun village, machanghu Town, Linyi City, where more than 90% of the people were surnamed Wu.

He was born in October 1987,

The third word uses the word city, which is called Wuhan City!

Easy to remember! resounding!

I like my name very much.

There are two sons in Wuhan city. The eldest son is named Wuyue, and the youngest is named Wuchang.

He said that the two names also have a moral meaning. The word Yue stands for mountains and places good wishes for happiness, happiness and well-being;

Wuchang is a district of Wuhan, and Chang stands for prosperity and vigor,

Young man, Wuhan city also told Chutian Metropolis Daily,

There are many young Chinese characters in their village. His cousin, named Wuhan Xing, is one year younger than him.

Wuhan Xing said that his parents named him Xing in the hope that he would become a talent. During the epidemic situation in Wuhan, he recited many times in his heart. Wuhan travel, certainly! What a prescient name!

Wuhan City and Wuhan travel are really two good names for the heroic actions of Wuhan City in the new epidemic situation.

Do you have one named Wuhan good?

He wanted to cheer for Wuhan, once thought of changing the name of Wuhan City to Wuhan good.

At present, the epidemic has not yet won a complete victory. I dont want to be inflamed because of the name. We should make contributions to fighting the epidemic with practical actions. In April this year, Wuhan city told Chutian Metropolis Daily.

Donations, masks and decontamination items

The reason why peoples daily, Xinhua news agency and CCTV all forwarded the report of Chutian Metropolis Daily,

This has something to do with the fact that Wuhan is full of positive energy,

Before the Spring Festival this year, the outbreak of new coronavirus suddenly broke out in Wuhan, which made the young man in Shandong feel worried.

He has been depressed, especially when he saw the news of the death of medical staff,

On the fourth day of the new year,

He and his cousin Wuhan travel and others donated 1000 yuan to Wuhan people through the village committee,

It is hoped that Wuhan will soon overcome the epidemic situation, return to work and production, and restore the original living order.

The young man Wuhan city and his friends jointly opened a Shandong Yiren International Trade Service Co., Ltd,

On March 25, they donated a batch of disinfectant wipes, 84 disinfectant, hand sanitizer and other anti epidemic materials to Linyi mall international e-commerce industrial park where the company is located to help prevent and control the epidemic situation in the park.

With the opening of some schools in Linyi City, he donated a batch of masks for the school.

He said: with one heart and one mind, there is no mountain that cant be turned over; if one heart and one hand hold each other, there is no ridge that can not be crossed.

We firmly believe that with concerted efforts, concerted efforts, unremitting efforts and innovative development, we will surely be able to win the final victory in the fight against epidemic prevention and control.

Coming to Wuhan feels like going home

This is not the first time that Wuhan has come to Wuhan,

Because of the lighting business, a young man from Shandong has been to Wuhan several times,

Whats the impression of Wuhan?

He said: the first impression is that Wuhan is very prosperous and has a large market.

The people of Wuhan are very warm and friendly. It is a city with many heroes.

For example, once in Wuhan, I went into a small shop and bought a bowl of hot and dry noodles. Wuhan peoples hot and dry noodles are breakfast, unlike the northerners who take pasta as their staple food. The weight is not enough. I finished it in a few mouthfuls. The owner of the noodle shop felt that I was not full when I ate so fast. I didnt say anything. He gave me another bowl for free. This very small thing makes me feel very warm Young man Wuhan City said.