Chairman of Fuli: I sent fan Shuai a set of Three Kingdoms killing. He asked if there was an English version

 Chairman of Fuli: I sent fan Shuai a set of Three Kingdoms killing. He asked if there was an English version

u2014u2014Summarize the first stage performance of R & F

It can be said that qualified, our goal at the beginning of the season is to rush into the championship group, and in the end we are short of breath. I used to feel very hard on the night when Zahavi left the team. At the beginning, we talked about Zahavi and Saba playing in the first stage before leaving. In fact, the introduction of the second stage will be settled. However, during the talk, Zahavis attitude let me feel a little disappointed, but to my surprise, the teams data and performance in all aspects in the next game are commendable.

u2014u2014Introducing van Bronckhorst in life

In private, fan Shuai likes oriental culture very much. He likes drinking Shengpu very much. I also sent him a pair of Three Kingdoms killing, because he saw that we were all playing and was very curious. I told him that it was a very old and strategic game related to Chinese history. He was very interested in asking whether there was an English version. Chen Zhizhao ordered a pair online to let him study Chinese history. I also sent him a pair of mahjong, he also likes Chinese calligraphy and painting, is working hard to learn Chinese.

u2014u2014Are there any problems left over in the transfer of Zahavi and Saba?

The legal teams of both sides are in the process of docking, hoping to solve this problem peacefully. Saba belongs to the normal transfer, and Zahavi has some problems left over from history. But after all, he is also a legend in the history of Fuli club. Both sides do not want to have too much friction. I believe that they will sit down and discuss the contract issue openly. I hope that Saba will be polite and warm-hearted To solve this problem.

u2014u2014Introduce Zivkovic and Adrian

During the negotiation process, we really need to thank Chongqing Lifan and Changchun Yatai for their support. Although the process is a bit twists and turns, especially when Zivkovic comes back from abroad, he needs to be isolated, and he has to apply for the international transfer certificate. Chongqing even let Adrian not play in the last round. He came directly to talk about personal terms and solve all problems within 48 hours. I think this is a record breaking speed in CSL.

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