30 people give up their vacation to clean up the Jiangjing cockroach room that Hangzhou pays attention to! More than 10 trash cans were full, and the homeowner said

 30 people give up their vacation to clean up the Jiangjing cockroach room that Hangzhou pays attention to! More than 10 trash cans were full, and the homeowner said

The old and difficult problem that pressed on her mind has made progress - yes, its about the cockroach garbage room which has been hotly discussed by netizens in Hangzhou recently!

In the past two years, Miss Xus family, who lived in Shangcheng, Hetian, suffered a lot. The house was surrounded by thousands of cockroaches, not only in the kitchen, but also on the dining table and bed.

High energy ahead

A kind of

Miss Xus mother is very broken: she bought a 100 Ping Jiangjing house. How come there are so many cockroaches?!

I also told my daughter that I dont want to live here with so many cockroaches. I still suffer from this crime at such an age. Xu said.

The main culprit is Mr. Xu, who likes to collect garbage upstairs.

At first, when there were not so many cockroaches, we still thought whether our house was not clean. Later, we found that it was not my familys problem. Miss Xu told reporters that all these problems come from the neighbors upstairs. Its also because we didnt have any experience when we bought a house. We didnt know that our neighbors had a habit of collecting garbage.

In May this year, several departments such as the community and property management jointly mobilized more than 50 people, cleaned up two times, and pulled out three trucks of garbage, which cost more than 3000 yuan.

But before long, there were piles of garbage.

Mr. Xu, who is more than 50 years old on the top floor, bought the suite in 2010. The average price of house price is 40000 yuan per square meter. How can it be used to put garbage

Its not easy,

A house full of garbage and cockroaches

Its finally cleaned up

The neighbors said that they could not delay such things.

On October 2, Mr. Xu, who was upstairs, showed up early and arrived at his home. He took over the moon cakes from the community. He was quite cooperative.

In fact, in order to get in touch with Mr. Xu, Wang Xiaoyan did her best. She first contacted the police and found Mr. Xus other residence in the early morning. She did not see herself. She communicated by telephone.

Later, he found his mothers phone and sent the fruit. Because of these, it may also speed up the cleaning up. The two sides agreed to deal with it on October 2.

Early in the morning, public security, urban management, property, industry committee, community 30 staff gave up rest, door-to-door cleaning.

I dont want to talk about dirty and smelly. There are countless insects crawling. I cant stand it when I think about goose bumps. Field staff said.

We all worked hard to carry the garbage can upstairs. After it was filled with all kinds of garbage, it was transported to the outside in barrels. There were more than ten barrels.

District Ai Wei office staff also contacted the killing company.

On the same day, according to the situation that Mr. Xus indoor cockroach density seriously exceeded the standard, the professional insecticidal company sprayed the adults with drugs and put in cockroach killing granules. Next, cockroaches in the whole building will be killed three times in a row.

Wang Xiaoyan also said that after cleaning up this time, the community will continue to pay attention to the follow-up of this room.

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Jiangjing room to cockroach room? The neighbors upstairs are full of garbage and cockroaches downstairs

Living environment is surrounded by dense cockroaches, what is the experience?

Cockroaches crawl over the table during meals, linger on pillows while sleeping, and cockroaches dominate the kitchen.

The Xu family is about to collapse.

Ms. Xu said that all this has something to do with the neighbors upstairs.

How did Jiangjing house become a cockroach room

Miss Xus house is about 100 square meters. It has two bedrooms and one living room. It is well decorated and can see the Qiantang River. The reporter saw a strange scene in Miss Xus home - some bowls and chopsticks and kitchen sundries were placed on the shoe cabinet at the door, but the cabinet and drawer in the kitchen were empty.

Where dare you put it in the kitchen? Xus 81 year old mother told Qian that she only put some necessary pots on the table, and the bowls were wrapped with plastic wrap.

Ms. Xu bought the house in 2017. In June 2018, her parents came in and said, I just lived in at that time. Everything was fine. Occasionally climb a couple of cockroaches, after all, is a second-hand house, think about it is normal. But when it gets hot, there are more cockroaches. Xus mother said that the kitchen was a disaster area. From 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., large areas of land poured out. sometimes, when we had a good meal at the table, a cockroach suddenly came and ran quickly. Even in bed, I have cotton in my ears when I sleep at night

To this end, the family bought a variety of cockroach medicine and cockroach box to fight against cockroaches, cleaning several times a day. That year, until September, the weather was cool and there were fewer cockroaches.

I didnt expect that cockroaches are more serious year by year.

The neighbors house upstairs is almost full of garbage

Its not just miss Xus family that suffered. Cockroaches are also found in several high-rise families in this building.

Where do cockroaches come from? After several times of reporting to the community and property, we knew that the source might be the neighbor upstairs of Miss Xus house.

This neighbor, Miss Xus family, has not met up to now.

His family, cant be described as messy, absolutely beyond your imagination. We helped him clean up the house in May this year. Now the house is full of garbage, and people cant find it. Puyan Street six and community Party committee deputy secretary Wang Xiaoyan said.

The familys family name is Xu. The door is closed. The crack of the door is sealed with transparent glue, and the notice letter and prompt are pasted on the door. Because it is the top floor, the owners home is not sealed balcony, reporters follow the community workers to climb to the top of the building. Through the roof, the reporter can see that the balcony of this family is full of scraps of cardboard, plastic pots, adhesive tape and other odds and ends of garbage, its ok now, you havent entered the house, you dont know the situation. For several days, I had no appetite to eat, the staff who had participated in the site cleaning described.

Often no one can be found. In May this year, there was a knock at the door, and the community helped to clean up. Because it is a blank room, no decoration, the bedroom on a bed, also put a simple spittoon. The house stinks, the ground is full of garbage, and all kinds of insects are crawling. The cardboard is clean. There are also two dogs at home. The dogs stool has become hard. When we clean it, we use a shovel on the ground At that time, several departments, such as the community and property management, mobilized more than 50 people, cleaned up two times, and pulled out three trucks of garbage, which cost more than 3000 yuan.

But before long, it was a pile of garbage.

On September 25, the community and the property jointly used water pipes to reach out to the balcony of the family and spray a little liquid medicine to kill cockroaches. It works. You see, there are many cockroaches dead.

The community and Aiwei Office held a coordination meeting, and Mr. Xu expressed his cooperation

Hetian Shangcheng, can see the rolling river water, a good suite, how to buy a pile of garbage? The reporter learned from the community that Mr. Xu, who is more than 50 years old on the top floor, bought the suite in 2010. In 2016, when the community inspected the environment of the community, it was found that Mr. Xus house had piled up some garbage, but it was not very serious, and cockroaches were not very rampant.

On September 27, Qian Bao contacted Mr. Xu, I dont live there now, and I dont have the heart to deal with these things. You can do whatever you like.

Speaking of it, he was also a little angry: how can we be sure that all these cockroaches ran out of our house? In the past, there were not so many cockroaches. It was because the community and the property were cleaned up and many of my things were thrown away. The door was damaged by them. There was no sealing strip, and the cockroaches came out.

He said that it is easy to have cockroaches near the river because of the humid environment. He also bought cockroach medicine. In the past two years, all cockroaches have come out! It used to be good. How can I be sure its all from me? He said angrily, now, Ill let them handle it!

Yesterday afternoon, the community joint love health office and other relevant departments and Miss Xu held a coordination meeting. The community will continue to carry out the killing work and contact Mr. Xu to urge him to speed up the cleaning up of indoor garbage. Mr. Xu agreed on the phone.

Cockroach rain starts in a small district of Shanghai. Residents see thousands of cockroaches in one night

Maybe you saw a cockroach

Its the reaction

So when you spend the night

When you see thousands of cockroaches

How would you react

Recently, Shanghai Baoqi Garden

The residents of the 18th suffered

A cockroach night

Thousands of cockroaches

Crawling on the balcony

These words are used to describe cockroaches

#It fell like rain#

#Several dustpans and sacks#

#Like scattered sesame#

So here comes the question...

So many cockroaches

Where did they all come from

The residents of the community found that

Cockroaches at home

All of a sudden theres more

Resident Ms. Tang: one or two cockroaches appear from time to time. One night, four or five cockroaches appeared. I accidentally used two bottles of cockroach medicine. I was shocked after smoking. The cockroaches came out one by one like rain.

A cockroach rain

Is it hard to imagine?

What is the situation at the scene

Video source: News workshop

Residents involved in killing cockroaches that night said,

Think about it and get goose bumps!

Even the big brother who came to help,

They keep screaming

Suspect object locked for

Pigeon shed on the roof

The residents immediately reported the situation

It was reflected to the local neighborhood committee

Community cadres came to check on the same day

Huang Haiyan (secretary of Baoqi garden party general branch)

Some pigeon shed is that kind of drawer type, easy to clean. But the pigeon shed bottom here is dead, pigeon feces can not be treated in time, which provides conditions for cockroach breeding.

Pigeonhouse owner: This is legal

Community cadres contact property

Continue to kill pigeon sheds

One side and the owner of the pigeon shed

Its from the same building

Communication by one owner

Pigeon shed owners said

Own carrier pigeon association

Carrier pigeon certificate issued

So this pigeonhole is legal

Community cadres repeatedly and peacefully

Communication between pigeon shed owners

After two interviews

Finally, the pigeon shed owner was moved

9:30 yesterday (August 11)

Under the guidance of urban management law enforcement personnel

The workers began to dismantle the pigeon shed

Although it was killed yesterday

There are still a lot of cockroaches on the demolition site

In order to avoid cockroaches escaping into residents homes

City management law enforcement officers informed the health department

Continue to kill while dismantling

From problem solving to problem reflection

In about 10 days

It is necessary to give timely warning for residents here

Understanding of pigeon shed owners

And the initiative of urban management departments

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