Musk said Tesla will enter the Indian market in 2021

 Musk said Tesla will enter the Indian market in 2021

Indias auto industry has just emerged from last years slowdown in demand, but now it has been hit by a new coronavirus pandemic. To sustain their performance and survive, car makers are seeking the support of the Indian government to boost sales.

In fact, musk expressed interest in the Indian market as early as 2016, but Tesla has been on the sidelines due to regulatory policy issues. Earlier media reports said Tesla intends to set up a research and development center in India and has held talks with the Indian government. Last year, musk commented again that Tesla would enter the Indian market. At the time, his comment was also in response to a post on twitter asking, hows India, sir?

Musk said in March 2019, I really want to go there this year. If not, it must be next year!

Tesla electric vehicle market demand is very strong, according to the company recently released data, the third quarter of this year its electric vehicle delivery volume reached 139300 units, better than the record of 112000 units in the same period last year. Modelx and models delivered 15200 vehicles in the third quarter, while Model3 and modely delivered 124100 vehicles in total.

If it successfully enters the Indian market, Tesla electric vehicles will open up another emerging market, and its sales volume will further increase. (Tianmen Mountain)

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