Yin Xiaotian: being stabbed by a good brother and spending millions to marry a fake, only the son is true

 Yin Xiaotian: being stabbed by a good brother and spending millions to marry a fake, only the son is true

One day on the way to work, Haiyan saw the peoples Literature Publishing house opposite his home and decided to write a story about plain clothes police on duty.

He did what he wanted to do. Haiyan put out seven points of energy to deal with the heat of the three minutes. He wrote a novel of more than 470000 words, plain clothes police, which was adapted into a TV series of the same name in 1987, which caused a sensation when it was broadcast.

Since then, he wrote and filmed by Zhao Baogang, which created a golden age for Chinese TV dramas at the turn of the century, and made many young actors popular.

A story of love and snow can be regarded as the work with low popularity in their cooperation. However, the quality of the work can still play a lot of youth dramas.

In 1998, Haiyan cooperated with Zhao Baogang again to adapt the novel never close ones eyes into a TV script. Once the TV play was broadcast, Lu Yihuo became popular.

And male second Yin Xiaotian also became famous with the role of Han Ding.

Yin Xiaotian has also appeared in one meter sunshine, female talent and male appearance, river children and other TV dramas. He was named the fourth big and small students together with Huang Xiaoming, Tong Dawei and Nie yuan.

He also has a nickname called one by one, because when filming, he can always find the feeling accurately and pass it smoothly.

But yinxiaotian, whose momentum is full, has encountered a sensational event of inserting the knife gate in the whole network. He has been reduced to an actor of the 18th line.

In 2012, a micro blog user named zhixinyu posted a micro blog, pointing out that Xiaotian was playing a big name. After a creative disagreement with the actress, he made a big fight.

The netizen was later picked out as an assistant to the actor Bian Xiaoxiao, who later confirmed the incident himself.

One stone aroused thousands of waves, and yinxiaotian was immediately criticized by numerous netizens.

He was also the first to personally respond: I did not touch her finger.

When Bian Xiaoxiao saw his response, he became more angry and completely tore his face. He accused yinxiaotian of being a man with a natural appearance. He also gave full play to the essence of women as a vulnerable group, and sobbed about Yin Xiaotians unreasonable behavior on Weibo, which aroused public sympathy and pity.

Many stars began to blame him and ask him to come out to apologize, including his good brothers Du Chun, Jia Nailiang and Li Chen

In addition to male stars, female stars are not willing to be outdone. Some of them may want to take out a evil spirit for their good friend Bian Xiaoxiao, some want to defend womens rights, and some are blindly following the crowd.

Clearly, a video can make the truth known, but the boss of gunfire just doesnt make it public. He just cuts a few vague pictures with vague explanations. Isnt this more suggestive?

When yinxiaotian was about to be put on the hat of beating an actress, Nie yuan was the first to stand up for him.

Bad words hurt people in June, good words a warm winter. This kindness of Nie yuan impressed yinxiaotian. Many years later, when Nie yuan was pushed to the forefront of the storm because of his drunken scandal, he did not fall into the trap, but immediately came forward to apologize for him.

However, it is surprising that Bian Xiaoxiao, who has been playing the role of victim, is furious in the video, as if he is still swearing.

According to the studio staff, only actresses were screaming.

At this time, Bian Xiaoxiao is like a clown. When the lie is punctured, she can no longer see her fighting for the truth. Instead, she apologizes to Yin Xiaotian with her tail.

Although in the end, yinxiaotians innocence was revealed to the world, his performing arts career was inevitably damaged. Even the endorsement of Hailan house fell into Du Chuns hands and gradually faded out of public view.

Career frustration even if, go home to ask a daughter-in-law light life is good, but did not expect that India Xiaotian in the love field also planted a follow.

In 2014, he got to know Halina through a friends introduction. She was white and beautiful. She claimed to have graduated from a famous school. Her father was in business and had more than a dozen chain stores.

Yinxiaotian may feel that it is Gods pity that he has been so wronged that he has sent himself a big baby, so they fell in love with each other for a long time and married.

It took India millions to marry Bai Fumei home, but after marriage, harenas lies can no longer be rounded with a single mouth. Her education background and family background are false.

Yinxiaotian is very angry when he realizes that he has been cheated. However, they have already had children. He still decides to let bygones be bygones and live a good life with Halina.

When the child arrived, he couldnt wait to share his joy, but he was taken away by Halina as soon as the child was full moon!

Later, Halina filed for a divorce with yinxiaotian and asked him to pay a separation fee of 3.5 million yuan and a monthly child support fee of 15000 yuan.

After his brother stabbed and his wife cheated him to marry, Yin Xiaotian began to rise slowly. After all, he had to raise children.

In Fire Hero, although he plays a minor supporting role, he still keeps his original acting skills, which makes the audience see.

Some time ago, some media photographed him and Huang Xiaoming, Li Chen and others appeared at Hengdian for a dinner together, and had a good conversation. Did they have a good time?

Dont persuade others to be good without suffering from others.

Whether or not to forgive those people at that time is his own choice.

I just hope that yinxiaotian can be reborn one day and return to the big screen with strength, and bring more good works to you. Success is the best revenge~

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