Trump post video after admission: feeling better, I think I will be back soon

 Trump post video after admission: feeling better, I think I will be back soon

The video was recorded at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, according to Bloomberg.

news flash! Trump sent video after admission: feeling better, I think I will be back soon

When I first came here, I didnt feel very good. Now I feel much better, and we (the medical team) are trying to get me back (healthy) - I have to go back, because we have to make America great again, trump said in the video. were going to beat the new coronavirus, or whatever you want.

In addition, trump said in the video that first lady Melania is in good condition..

According to the global network, trump tweeted the condition: with the help of medical staff, I feel good

Screenshot of Trumps Twitter

With their help, I feel good! On the afternoon of the 3rd local time, US President trump, who confirmed the new crown, tweeted his latest situation.

The doctors, the nurses and all the people from the great Walter Reed medical center, and all the other people who come from and join them in the same wonderful institutions, theyre fantastic!!! In the past six months, great achievements have been made in the fight against this plague. With their help, I feel good! This is what trump tweeted.

A few hours later, trump posted another new video on twitter, saying he feels better now and I think Ill be back soon.

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[White House chief of staff: trump is not out of danger] the next 48 hours will be a critical period for Trumps treatment. On March 3, White House chief of staff mark meadows told Fox News that trump will be in the next 48 hours... (source: ~)

Earlier in the day (around 11 a.m.), White House president doctor Sean Conley gave a briefing on Trumps latest situation at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He said trump was in good shape and had no fever or dyspnea in the past 24 hours. But Conley also said it was unable to give a timetable for Trumps discharge. Conley also said that medical staff are closely monitoring the president for complications, and he is not currently breathing oxygen or suffering from dyspnea.

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Time forward? White House doctors say trump was diagnosed 72 hours ago

Time forward? White House doctors say trump was diagnosed 72 hours ago.

On October 3, local time, White House doctor Sean conligong Trumps latest physical condition said that 72 hours had passed since Trumps diagnosis, which was inconsistent with the time when the public knew Trumps diagnosis.

Source: the next 48 hours are the critical period for Trumps treatment

US White House doctor Sean Conley said on the 3rd that President trump, who is undergoing treatment with a new crown, has improved his symptoms.

Sean Dooley, another doctor who attended the news conference, said that Trumps heart rate, renal function and liver function were normal on the morning of the 3rd, and he did not need oxygen inhalation and had no difficulty in breathing and walking. The medical team is closely following the possible complications of the new coronavirus or related therapies to trump.

According to a number of US media reports, shortly after the press conference, a person who did not want to be named told the media that Trumps state in the past 24 hours is worrying, and the next 48 hours are the critical period of treatment.

Trump confirmed that he and his wife Melania were infected with the new coronavirus in the early morning of the 2nd, and were sent to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment in the evening of the same day. Conley said that since the diagnosis, trump has received polyclonal antibody cocktail therapy and antiviral drug radcivir treatment.

What happens if the U.S. presidential candidate cannot continue to run?

In the history of the United States, no major partys presidential candidate has withdrawn from the election due to illness before election day. In 1912, the Republican vice presidential candidate died before the vote, but the name on the ballot paper did not change. There are concerns that if the presidential candidate is seriously ill and unable to run, the situation could be extremely chaotic.

First, the Party of the candidate must make a new choice. Its not a constitutional issue, its a bipartisan internal affair. The 168 members of the Republican National Committee (senior Republican officials in each state) will hold an emergency meeting to vote for a new presidential candidate. If there are disagreements within the Republican Party, there are comments that the selection process may be politically manipulated.

Then, with the appointment of new candidates, there will be a series of logistical and legal difficulties. The registration deadline for candidates ballots set by the States has long passed, and millions of ballots have been printed, mailed, and even filled in and mailed back. This means it is almost impossible to change the name of a candidate on a large number of votes. At that time, it will be a question whether state legislatures will allow the names of incapacitated candidates to remain on the ballot papers.

According to the complex electoral college system in the United States, the new Republican candidate will basically get the vote of the former candidate.

Because when the majority of American voters go to the polling station, they do not really vote for the presidential candidates. They just vote for the representatives who will represent their states in the Electoral College (538 people in the country). These 538 voters will formally elect the next president of the United States on behalf of each state according to the winner take all principle.

So Rick Hassen, a law professor at the University of California, believes that the most likely scenario is that the election will be held as planned, with the names of incapacitated or deceased candidates on the ballot papers. When the Electoral College votes, the names of new candidates will be changed on the ballot papers. At this time, voters in each state may face another legal problem. When the candidates change, do they still have to abide by the law and abide by the general election results they promised to abide by? What kind of punishment will be imposed if another person is elected?

Some people believe that delaying the election is a fair solution to ensure that candidates restart the election process. But there has never been a presidential election postponed in the history of the United States. In July, trump raised the possibility. He tweeted and delayed the election until people could vote correctly, safely and safely? However, the power to postpone is still in the hands of Congress, not the White House.

According to Article 2 of the constitution, if the presidential candidates condition deteriorates, members of both houses of Congress can indeed vote to amend relevant laws and regulations to change the voting date of November 3, but they may still be challenged by law. Moreover, the U.S. Congress cannot delay voting indefinitely. Although the U.S. Constitution does not specify a specific date for the election, it contains a strict deadline: January 20 is the day when the presidential term must end.

Given that Democrats control the house of Representatives, there is no reason for them to let the Republicans go easy. Therefore, foreign media generally believe that it is almost impossible to postpone the election.

Clear route of right delivery

The path of presidential power transfer is much clearer than changing candidates during the election campaign.

First of all, on a voluntary basis: Section 3 of Article 25 of the amendment to the U.S. Constitution stipulates that if the president is unable to perform his duties, he may temporarily transfer his duties to the vice president in writing; when he can continue to perform his duties, he can send another letter to restore his presidential power. Former President Reagan cited the Amendment when he had an operation in 1985, and former President George W. Bush cited the amendment twice during colonoscopy in 2002 and 2007.

Secondly, under involuntary circumstances: Section 4 of Article 25 of the amendment to the United States Constitution stipulates that if the president loses the ability to work or cannot exercise his powers and duties (such as being installed with a ventilator), the vice president and the majority of cabinet members can apply to Congress. Once accepted by the interim speaker of the Senate and the speaker of the house of Representatives, the vice president will take over the post of acting president until the next president Ceremony.

Perhaps, as some observers have said, the greatest feature of the United States in the trump era is the frequent occurrence of accidents and the huge number of variables. Among them, the most difficult to predict and the most critical variable is trump himself. What the outside world can do is wait and see.

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Trump said thank you after he was admitted to the hospital