We dont dare to talk hard. Why should he yell at you?

 We dont dare to talk hard. Why should he yell at you?

After chatting for about two or three months, after he confessed to me, we came together. He is a good person, and I am very happy with him. Because I have a brother who is in high school, so many times when he dates me, as long as my brother is free, he will let me ask him to have dinner with me.

Maybe its because I love my wife and love my dog. He has always been very good to my brother. He will buy his favorite handmade works and his favorite albums. In a word, he is even more spoiled than my sister. He is also very kind to my parents. He will buy a lot of gifts every festival. No matter how much I say about him, he will insist on buying them. He is really a very considerate person, so my family like him very much.

After the breakup, my family all said to me, said he was a very good person, also said that must be because of my reason to break up, anyway, they did not know the truth, they all ran to say that I was not. I cried for it many times, but nothing changed. Until I had a quarrel with my brother, I said what he called me. I thought my brother would continue to talk about me. It turned out that he had sorted out all the things he had given him, and then took them and lost them.

At that moment, my heart suddenly warmed up.