The latest list of institutions came, and the companys phone number was hit by more than 300 institutions

 The latest list of institutions came, and the companys phone number was hit by more than 300 institutions

From the perspective of individual stocks, BOE As teleconference attracted 323 institutional investors, ranking first, followed by robust healthcare, which received 172 institutions in total. Kairun shares, Weixing new materials and seagull residents received 98, 41 and 40 institutions respectively.

BOE A is most concerned by institutions and has obtained 332 research institutions. BOE a plans to acquire the shares of CLP panda in Nanjing and Chengdu. At the same time, the companys profitability is expected to continue to improve with the rise of panel prices.

It is worth mentioning that BOE A is also a hot spot for foreign investment and 10 billion level private placement research. In the survey list of nearly a week, six 10 billion private placement companies have appeared.

China Galaxy Fu Chuxiong pointed out in the BOE a research paper released on September 25 that the successful acquisition will further expand market share. Industrial integration and acquisition are of great strategic significance.

In terms of products, the acquisition of CLP Nanjing line will strengthen the companys strategic position in small and medium-sized sizes, and effectively expand its small and medium-sized production capacity; while the acquisition of CLPs Chengdu line will increase 50 / 58 / 70 inch TV and strengthen the companys TV full-scale layout. Technically speaking, both CLP production lines adopt oxide backplane technology, and the acquisition will strengthen the companys large-scale OLED technology reserve. From the perspective of customers, the current companys customers are mainly brand customers. The current customer structure of CLP is just complementary to the company. Acquisition is conducive to the further expansion of the companys customer structure.

Weixing new material stock price trend chart

Since September, Weixing new material has been continuously concerned by market leaders, and its share price has also reached a new high of 16.23 yuan / share at one time.

On September 28, Weixing new materials received a survey of 41 institutions, including Ruiyuan fund, Dongzheng asset management, Hanhe and Hanhua capital. Weixing new material said that in the face of market changes and pressure, the companys retail business constantly adjusted to cope with: on the one hand, through accelerating the channel sinking in mature areas, developing more dealers and outlets in weak areas, improving market share; and strengthening the development of secondary new housing, second-hand housing transactions and secondary decoration and other stock markets. On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen category expansion to facilitate customers to realize one-stop purchase of a variety of related supporting products, so as to increase the per capita purchase amount.

Other institutional investors are concerned about the latest equity incentive of the company. For this, Weixing Xincai said that the newly released equity incentive is the third phase of the companys equity incentive plan. Compared with the previous period, the scope of incentive is larger and the number of employees is more.

It is worth noting that in mid September, Weixing new materials also obtained intensive research from institutions, and at that time, it focused on the companys home decoration and waterproof business.

The substantial growth of performance has attracted the attention of institutional investors. The robust medical company, which has just been listed, welcomed 172 institutions to visit and investigate before the festival. The companys net profit in the third quarter is expected to achieve a growth of more than three times. During the epidemic period, the company added many customers, such as domestic and foreign government agencies, medical institutions, hospitals, chain pharmacies, chain stores, etc., especially the increase of hospital channels, which can drive the sales of a large number of other medical products of the company.

Source of this article: Zhang Mei, editor in charge of CFA_ NF2100