What good things did he Hongshan use in the end?

 What good things did he Hongshan use in the end?

The skin state in this picture is more obvious, the luminous place glows, and the smooth place is smooth. Its really enviable for the sparkling water light.

So what kind of skin care products did she use to keep her youthful feeling alive? Bajie found out some, you can take a closer look!

Before the skin care steps, she pays attention to the makeup removal part. Do not use a single makeup remover for full face makeup removal, but use Chanel eye and lip makeup remover alone to remove eye and lip makeup. This makeup remover is famous for its gentle, moistened cotton pad and gently pressed on the eyes and lips, and then removed uniformly.

There is also a PDP black technology mask from Japan, which is the main repair function. The facial mask paper is a photosensitive far-infrared membrane paper, which contains the technology of micro fat bag. It can automatically perceive the skin temperature and release the negative ions and other nutrients.

These good things are as easy to use as he Hongshan!

Seasonal refreshing cream is no longer enough to meet daily needs. Oil content is not enough to play a role as a seal coat. Givenchy this live source moisturizing cream not only contains shea butter but also a chrysanthemum plant complex, which helps relieve the pressure of the skin and let the skin shine.

Season change also has blain problem, how can ability give skin moisten feeling while dispelling blain? Mamonde this repair double star ampoule essence can try! It contains small molecules of fruit acid, gently acts on the skin, helps to remove old cutin and excess oil, while moisturizing and soothing.

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