What good things did he Hongshan use in the end?

 What good things did he Hongshan use in the end?

The skin state in this picture is more obvious, the luminous place glows, and the smooth place is smooth. Its really enviable for the sparkling water light.

If you say that the texture of the skin after makeup cant be used as a condition to judge her good skin condition, you can take a look at her plain complexion, such as dark circles, uneven skin color and darkening, which have nothing to do with her.

Before the skin care steps, she pays attention to the makeup removal part. Do not use a single makeup remover for full face makeup removal, but use Chanel eye and lip makeup remover alone to remove eye and lip makeup. This makeup remover is famous for its gentle, moistened cotton pad and gently pressed on the eyes and lips, and then removed uniformly.

In addition to focusing on daily cleansing, cleaning facial mask is also essential. The amino acid mud mask of Yu Mu Fang has become He Hongshans good heart because of its excellent cleaning ability and its amino acid composition.

Mud like texture, but not a great sense of grain, soft and good push away, not irritating. It can pull out the stubborn blackhead in the pores and adjust the skin microenvironment.

Before applying the essence, we first use OLAY light bottle muscle base fluid to make the bottoming. Many times we have acne or not absorb the nutrients in the essence. A large part of the reason is that the skin cells are not clean enough. In addition to promoting the absorption of follow-up care products, this muscle base liquid can simultaneously expel the dirty things in the cells.

The pollutants in the outside air are everywhere, coupled with the daily habit of staying up late, the skin repair and care should also become a daily necessary skill. La Mers repair essence is always on hand, and you can apply it once every night before going to bed. Seemingly simple steps, but give the skin a full sense of security.

Seasonal refreshing cream is no longer enough to meet daily needs. Oil content is not enough to play a role as a seal coat. Givenchy this live source moisturizing cream not only contains shea butter but also a chrysanthemum plant complex, which helps relieve the pressure of the skin and let the skin shine.

Season change also has blain problem, how can ability give skin moisten feeling while dispelling blain? Mamonde this repair double star ampoule essence can try! It contains small molecules of fruit acid, gently acts on the skin, helps to remove old cutin and excess oil, while moisturizing and soothing.

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