Loan has not paid off the second-hand housing, what is the transaction process?

 Loan has not paid off the second-hand housing, what is the transaction process?

Specifically, in the case of the mortgage is not paid off, the state of the house property right is mortgage, and the house with mortgage can not be transferred. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the mortgage first, and then the transaction can be transferred normally. In fact, under different transaction modes, the owner needs to settle the loan and release the mortgage at different nodes.

For the above time node, according to wheat field real estate professionals, there are mainly two situations: first, if the buyer who wants to buy Mr. Lis house adopts commercial loan, state-owned provident fund loan or full payment, Mr. Li can settle the original loan and release the mortgage before the transfer; second, if the buyer adopts the municipal provident fund loan method, he needs to apply for loan in the buyer Before the payment, the original loan is settled and the mortgage is released.

After completing the above operation, Mr. Li and the buyer can continue the normal transaction transfer. Of course, Mr. Li also needs to make sure that the ownership of the house does not involve sealing up, or else it will not be able to be traded.

So, to get rid of the mortgage, you need to pay off the loan from the bank first. What if the owner doesnt have enough money to sell the house? According to the above professionals, this requires the owners to find ways to raise funds. In the transaction, some sellers hope to ask the buyers to make down payment to help them pay off the loan, but the general buyers will rarely agree, because it is risky for them.

The above-mentioned professionals also said that it is suggested that buyers who want to buy such houses with loans should try not to use down payment to help the owners settle the loans to avoid transaction risks; the second is to confirm in advance that the property has several mortgages, so as to avoid buying a house with multiple mortgages.