Interview with Zhu Mingzhen: there is a gap between my career and my potential needs to be tapped

 Interview with Zhu Mingzhen: there is a gap between my career and my potential needs to be tapped

In an exclusive interview with Netease sports, Zhu Mingzhen said that although there is still a gap with the professional league, his personal potential still needs to be tapped. At the same time, he thinks that Japanese player bakura is a goal worth learning.

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Exclusive interview with Zhu Mingzhen (source: Netease sports)

Netease Sports: whats your feeling about being called up by the national training team this time?

Zhu Mingzhen: the first reaction is excitement and excitement. It is exciting and exciting for me to have the opportunity to wear the clothes of the national team. Thank you very much for the leadership of the association and coach Du for giving me this opportunity to learn. But on second thought, I still have a lot to do with the real national team. So I feel that this selection is also an opportunity for me to learn from the experience of some players who have worked hard in the professional league, so that I can have a goal and really be worthy of this dress as soon as possible.

Netease Sports: Cuba draft players make two leaps a year, from Cuba to CBA and then to the national team. What is your experience?

Zhu Mingzhen: I think the first thing for me is to be grateful. Im grateful for the opportunity given by Dus guidance and coaching team, so that I can exercise and improve with the training team. As a college student, there may be a lot of distance between me and my career. But I think that through the training opportunity of the training team, I can improve my skills, tactics and spirit, which will be of great benefit to my future career.

Netease Sports: there are a lot of players coming from the profession, where do you think your strengths and weaknesses are?

Zhu Mingzhen: I think the advantage may be that I still have a lot of potential to be tapped. Because as college players, the previous training may not be systematic and the length of time is not enough, which may lead to our technical and tactical level, real potential has not been fully tapped out. I think we can continue to work hard and tap our potential. I think the deficiency is that there may be a certain gap between the players and the real professional players in terms of body and technology. In terms of technical stability, there is still a big gap. This is what needs to be done in the future.

Netease Sports: academic basketball has any different impact on your basketball road?

Zhu Mingzhen: because I came up from school all the way, from primary school to junior high school to high school and then to university, through the process of being a student athlete, I have now become a real professional athlete. I think its different for me, that is, the training was not as systematic as that of professional athletes, and the time was so long, but I think it can be made up by my efforts in the future. For me, if there is any different impact, it may let me see more rich, because there are different periods of campus life, for me is also very valuable experience.

Netease Sports: as an Asian player with dual culture, how do you think about the success of bacura base in the international arena?

Zhu Mingzhen: I also knew that Bacun base was from the NCAA University League to the professional league. I think it is worth learning how to change from a college student player to a professional player.

Netease Sports: who are your favorite players in international and domestic basketball?

Zhu Mingzhen: I think its James and United brother. I think they all maintain a high level of competition for a long time. They can also maintain self-discipline and have a good performance. They also have a good leading role in the team. They can lead the young people of the team to further good results. I think this is what I like.

Netease Sports: what kind of opportunity do you decide to take basketball as your career?

Zhu Mingzhen: I dont think there is an opportunity for me to play basketball at a certain point. From high school to university, I think its my instinct to go up after playing basketball at a certain height in college. I also play basketball for so many years. I love basketball very much. I always have a dream of a career. So when I played in College for two to three years, this idea in my mind began to sprout and I wanted to further challenge the professional league. At that time, I decided to go down the basketball road and try to play another game in the professional league.

Netease Sports: imagine, if you can play in NBA one day, which team would you like to go to?

Zhu Mingzhen: I think I havent considered so many problems for the time being, because I know that my level is far from that of the NBA. I think what I want to do now is to be down-to-earth, step by step, integrate into the professional league as soon as possible, and strive to play for the country as soon as possible!

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