With the advent of the hydrogen energy era, these concept stocks are expected to benefit

 With the advent of the hydrogen energy era, these concept stocks are expected to benefit

According to the white paper on Chinas hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry released by the hydrogen energy alliance, Chinas fuel cell vehicle production capacity will gradually start in 2019, about 2000 vehicles / year, and it is planned to reach 50000 vehicles / year in 2020-2025, 1.3 million vehicles / year in 2026-2035, and 5 million vehicles / year in 2036-2050. According to the China Industrial Development Research Network, 97 and 121 fuel cell vehicles were produced and sold in August this year, up 438.9% and 536.8% respectively over the previous year.

In order to keep on developing for a long time, favorable policies are frequent. On September 21, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the Ministry of science and technology jointly issued the notice on the demonstration and application of fuel cell vehicles. The demonstration period is tentatively set to be four years. During the demonstration period, the five departments will adopt the method of replacing subsidies with awards to give awards to the selected urban agglomerations for fuel cell vehicles according to the completion of their goals Industrialization of key core technologies, talent introduction, team building, demonstration and application of new models and new technologies. According to the Research Report of Sichuan financial securities, all provinces and cities have successively called on them. The local governments of Sichuan, Wuhan, Foshan and Yueyang have issued relevant policies and plans. It is expected that more local policies will be issued in the future, and the commercialization of hydrogen energy industry will be accelerated.

Concept stocks rising space clear

From the perspective of institutional rating, more than half of the concept stocks have been rated by institutions. According to the latest data, SAIC Group has the most agency rating among 37 rated concept stocks. Previously, the 16th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition 2020 was held in Beijing on September 26. SAIC Group exhibited five fuel cell passenger vehicles: SAIC Maxus euniq7, Hyundai NEXO, second generation Mirai concept car, Dongfeng hydrogen boat Eh2 and GAC aionlx hydrogen fuel cell version, which gained a lot of attention.

Satellite Petrochemical increased by 25.61% in the year, and was rated by 28 institutions, including 24 agencies that purchased ratings and 4 agencies that increased their holdings. As the largest domestic and worlds top five acrylic acid manufacturers and the upstream industry of fuel cells, satellite Petrochemical is the first private listed enterprise in China to form C3 industry integration pattern with propane as raw material. It is understood that as early as April 19, satellite Petrochemical established Zhejiang satellite Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. with its own funds, so as to better play the advantages of clean process of propane dehydrogenation and ethane cracking We will expand the hydrogen energy business, participate in the development of hydrogen utilization technology, seek the construction of hydrogenation station and actively participate in the development of domestic hydrogen utilization industry.

Xingyun Co., Ltd. obtained 2 research institutions. According to the disclosure of the interim report in 2020, the year-on-year growth rate of the companys attributable parent net profit is 2143%. During the reporting period, as a domestic leading intelligent manufacturing solution provider with lithium battery detection system as the core, the company has maintained continuous competitive advantages in technology research and development, product structure, talent system, customer resources and other aspects, turning losses into profits.

Future development advantages of energy storage and hydrogen energy

Under the guidance of the national 13th five year plan to comprehensively promote the reform of the power system, Chinas new energy development situation is more prominent, and the energy Internet construction will become the highlight.