Asian crown baked on fire: East Asia postponed for 3 days without undertaking but never cancelled

 Asian crown baked on fire: East Asia postponed for 3 days without undertaking but never cancelled

The start time will be delayed by three days

At present, there are still many uncertainties in the arrangement of the Asian championship. For example, can the East Asian Games be carried out normally? Once the East Asia regional event cannot be held, will the first place of the West Asia region win the Asian championship this year?

On the evening of October 2, local time, AFC, Qatar 2022 World Cup Organizing Committee, Qatar Football Association and other relevant parties jointly participated in a remote online seminar, the theme of which was how to hold large-scale sports events during the epidemic period. The deputy director of competition and football activities department of the Secretariat of the Asian Football Association, berdikulov, also paid attention to the outside world through dialogue The Asian championship competition arrangement in East Asia region and other questions were answered.

Berdykulov first stressed that the Asian Football Association can not cancel the Asian Championship in East Asia. Surprisingly, he also revealed that the opening time of the East Asian region will be November 18, instead of November 15 previously announced by the Asian Football Association. If so, it is undoubtedly a good thing for the four teams of CSL Asian championship, which ended the season on November 12.

According to beldikulovs answer, the situation that the first place in West Asia directly won the championship did not exist at all. According to the plan, the final of the Asian Championship will be held on December 19 after the first place of the East Asian region is selected. As for the final schedule, berdykulov said: the Asian Football Association will be announced.

Affected by the development of global epidemic situation

The East Asian Association is reluctant to host the competition

In early July this year, the Asian Football Association announced that the group games of group G and h of the Asian Champions League region will be held in Malaysia. One of the reasons for this arrangement is that the Johor team in Malaysia can take this opportunity to gain the advantage of the home court, but the match site arrangement of group E and f has not been settled yet. In addition, affected by the development of the global epidemic situation, the Malaysian government is also facing great pressure on epidemic prevention and anti epidemic work. Therefore, it is doubtful whether the group G and H competitions can be held in the country as scheduled. Affected by various uncertain factors, AFC must make a reliable plan for the overall arrangement of events in East Asia.

In late September, the Asian Football Association (AFC) confirmed at the executive committee meeting that the elimination matches originally planned to be divided into two stages would be merged and arranged in a period of time. However, due to the fact that the six member associations in East Asia, including the China Football Association, are unwilling to undertake the competition, the Asian Football Association has to designate the venue. As the host of the 2022 World Cup, Qatars ability and sincerity in hosting the Asian Champions League games have given the AFC confidence to continue to choose to host the world cup in Doha.

AFC has communicated with Qatar

East Asia competition plan moving westward

It is reported that the Asian Football Association (AFC) has recently communicated with the Qatar Football Association to seek the feasibility of Qatar hosting the East Asian regional games from the end of November to the beginning of December. In addition, the 2020 World Club Cup, which was originally scheduled to start on December 10, is likely to be cancelled, so all this has created conditions for the implementation of the plan.

The semi-final of the Asian Champions League in 2020 was held in Doha on the evening of October 3, local time. The two sides are Saudi Arabia al Nasir team, Iran persipolis team. This is actually the last game of the Western Asia region. Dohas hosting of the events in the Western Asia region is very effective and has been highly praised by all parties, including the senior management of FIFA. In view of the fact that none of its member countries (regions) are willing to bid for the East Asian regional games, the Asian Football Association (AFC) has preliminary plans to arrange the East Asian regional games to be held in Doha in November.

Source: - responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily: Li Siming_ BJS2696