13 dead! Fire in the scenic spot on the first day of the long holiday: it turns out that the most important thing for people to live is these two words

 13 dead! Fire in the scenic spot on the first day of the long holiday: it turns out that the most important thing for people to live is these two words

The long holiday of national day and Mid Autumn Festival should be a happy day for reunion.

Who knows the full moon is not round.

On the first day of the long holiday, a serious fire broke out in the ice lantern snow sculpture hall in Taitai mountain scenic area of Shanxi Province at more than 1 p.m. on October 1.

Thirteen people were killed.

The fresh life has become the cold number in the news and the eternal sorrow in the hearts of relatives.

The cause of the fire is said to be the aging of the line.

Many people dont understand. They think that the temperature and humidity of the ice sculpture hall are low. How can a fire break out?

And because it is a closed place, once the fire, smoke will quickly fill the interior.

The most frightening thing is that the museum is full of ice lanterns and snow sculptures. The passageway is narrow. There are many visitors on the 11th day. It is difficult to escape quickly after the fire.

Some people who have witnessed the fire said:

In less than a minute, there was smoke and nothing to see. Everyone ran around, squatting in the corner.

Far away from the scenic spot, you can see the smoke rolling up

Fire fighting is said to be very difficult.

17 fire rescue stations and 30 fire engines were mobilized to the scene. However, it took 5 hours to finish the search and rescue.

In the past, the ice lanterns in the museum were colorful and beautiful

In the twinkling of an eye, he was burned in a mess

Before the fire, there were tourists who had come here before: the doors of one floor after another, the furnishings inside were so crowded, the fire passage was not obvious, and they couldnt even run out when something happened.

I didnt expect it. Something really happened.

In fact, three days ago, the local fire inspection was carried out here.

Who would think, or on the first day of the holiday, such a tragedy happened.

In the end, whether the inspection has taken the form or the hidden danger of the scenic spot is too big, I believe there will be a statement in the next step.

The State Council has ordered the listing to supervise the incident.


According to the official forecast, there will be 550 million people going out during the period.

The fact has basically verified this prediction.

On October 1, nearly 100 million people visited China. All the places that should be blocked are blocked: scenic spots, stations, expressways All of these have opened the long-standing people following the crowd mode.

Weve all been at home for too long since the outbreak.

Im looking forward to the holiday, and I cant wait to come out and play.

Its just that many people dont realize that, in addition to being uncomfortable and inconvenient, there are more terrible disadvantages: insecurity.


Many people may remember the trampling on the Bund.

On the eve of the small and long holiday on New Years day in 2015, it was a cross year activity. Many people gathered at the Bund of Shanghai to welcome the new year.

As a result, because there were too many people, a stampede occurred and 36 people died.

The whole incident is still thrilling in retrospect.

Monitoring shows that there are about 120000 people at 8 pm, 240000 at 10 pm and about 310000 at 11 pm.

The number of people far exceeded official expectations and reached an all-time high.

As a result, something terrible happened around 11:30 p.m.

There are people on high who are aware of the danger and wave their arms to let others back off.

Finally, several young people standing at the top of the wall called on everyone to shout, back off! Step back

The crowd at the top of the stairs finally sensed the danger below and stopped moving forward.

However, the people who are under pressure have been gradually exhausted.

More and more police arrived, trying to pull people from below, but they couldnt.

Twenty minutes later, the crowd began to disperse.

The scene of crying, screaming, and the sound of ambulance calls mixed together, rushed to the medical staff and nearby enthusiastic citizens of every person who fell to the ground for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, trying to rescue.

But a lot of people are dead.

A boy named Peter experienced the whole incident. He described it in his circle of friends

This is the saddest and heaviest new year I have ever lived.

I was on the Bund just now. I leaned on the edge of the Bund to avoid the pressure of the crowd.

The stampede incident happened. In an instant, the crowd was pressed to a standstill, crying and shouting all around. I was stunned for a long time and began to help the people around me to rescue the oppressed people. However, I did not move. After I pulled out two people, I could no longer pull them. I only held the hands of two people to encourage them.

The police were also helping, but to no avail. There were so many people that I watched a man faint in front of my eyes.

After about 15 minutes, the people in the back began to move. I also helped pull people, but I saw that there were still people under the pulled people! Are syncope even suffocate person!!! Their faces are blue.

I counted about five or six people who were completely dead, lying on the ground still

Finally, 36 people died in the stampede, mostly young people.

They were happy to welcome the new year, but they stayed in the old year forever.

Just imagine how helpless, miserable and desperate they would be under the pressure of layers at that time.

However, in the tide of 300000 people, how small they are.

In the past, we always thought that the sea of people was lively, spectacular, or crowded, and inconvenient.

Once an accident happens, you cant escape.

So, when you travel on vacation, try not to go to places with too many people.

Not only for pleasant experience, but also for life safety.

In addition to avoiding crowds, we should avoid danger.

Ill tell you a sad story.

During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in 2014, three couples with good relationship in Shaanxi made an appointment to play in Xunyi.

They went to a pool, ready to go boating.

One of the men didnt get dizzy, and the other five got on a pedal boat without life jackets.

And this ship is carrying four people.

As a result, when the boat reached the middle of the water, it suddenly entered the water.

Several people cant swim, they are very nervous.

When everyone was in a panic, the boat capsized and all five people fell into the water.

One of them, Ms. Liu, later said that she drank a few mouthfuls and felt her body sink.

At this time, one of his companions pulled her to the side of the boat and let her hold it.

She saw another couple sinking, and the husband tried to lift his wife who couldnt water, even though he couldnt swim himself.

Another woman, who had tried her best to hold the side of the boat, was dragged into the water again because she was pulling another man.

Finally, the lady, and the couple above, all died in the fish pond.

The man on the bank and the man in charge of the fish pond have been crying for help.

But it was too urgent to do anything.

Three lives. Its over in a few minutes.

Just a small risk, paid such a painful price.

Its just not wearing a life jacket.

Its usually OK.

Who could have thought that the boat would capsize?

Who knows its going to kill you?


It really flipped.

Life is really gone.

So, people really cant take chances.

Because the river ditch can really capsize.

If you win the prize, you cant afford it.

Especially those who travel on holiday should pay more attention.

First, there are too many people and not enough facilities during the holidays, so people are easy to relax their vigilance and make do with things at will.

Second, you are not familiar with the place you go, and you are not aware of the danger. If something goes wrong, its hard to save yourself in the first place.


In fact, the biggest danger of a holiday trip is a car accident.

People who often drive out on holidays should have met with several accidents.

There are many cars, the road is far away, and the time is long. Its too easy for accidents.

And even if youre careful, theres no guarantee that others wont hit you.

Theres too much news like that.

A few years ago, it was also a National Day holiday.

Happy to play a circle, but on the way back, she was suddenly rear ended by a large truck. Her car ran out of control and ran into a large car parked in front of her. All of them were killed.

The front half of her car had got under the cart and the front of it was badly deformed.

These six people, from three families, a mother and daughter, a father and son and a couple.

I cant imagine what it was like.

Theres a year off on November.

On the Qingdao Yinchuan expressway, a bus and a car ran into each other. The bus dodged, crossed the central guardrail, drove into the opposite lane, and hit another bus.

The unlucky bus in the back suddenly turned over to the side ditch of the highway.

The car was full of 53 people.

One witness said, the sound of the impact was too loud, and then there was a lot of smoke and smoke, and the car crash was very fierce. Some of the passengers with lighter injuries have been drilling out of the car, although they are light, they are all covered with blood. .

14 people were killed and 9 seriously injured in the accident.

Heres the data for 2012:

From September 30 to October 7, 68422 road traffic accidents occurred throughout the country, killing 794 people, with an average of 100 per day.

And this is just an ordinary number, compared with previous years, it is not prominent at all.

On the busy road, there are tragic accidents every minute.

Car accidents are more fierce than tigers.

This is no joke.


In the past, we always like to say: the most important thing to live is to be happy.

Its not true.

The most important thing for people to live is peace.

We can choose to travel on holiday, but please pay attention to safety.

Lets do the following together:

1. In case of bad weather, try to change the plan and give up going out.

2. Before driving out, pay more attention to traffic conditions and try to avoid congested sections.

4. Keep enough distance from the car ahead. Try to stay away from the cart. Never drive tired or drunk.

5. Choose the scenic spots with high safety. Do not play with dangerous projects, especially those that are dangerous and safety measures are not in place.

6. In indoor places, pay more attention to where the emergency exit is.

7. Dont go to places with too many people to avoid crowding and trampling accidents.

Life is too unpredictable.