Tourism disdain chain in 2020 National Day holiday

 Tourism disdain chain in 2020 National Day holiday

In the vast army of National Day travel, where do you travel?

In the past years, cross-border outbound travel has always dominated the top of the tourism disdain chain. After all, except for the annual leave, this is the only chance for most office animals to embrace the world. In the past, as long as there were enough friends, the circle of friends could watch the world in a few minutes, record a short video release, and even gain tens of thousands of likes.

Today, the biggest special is the restrictions on overseas travel. The Ministry of foreign affairs solemnly reminds us to avoid unnecessary cross-border actions during holidays. Not to put it simply, mom, its safe to go out. If you are traveling abroad at this time, people who like her are more likely to admire her courage.

It should be noted that the self driving tour here does not refer to the short distance peripheral self driving tour such as Beijing Beidaihe or Changsha Zhangjiajie, but the long-distance self driving tour such as Sichuan Tibet 318 line.

A car in hand, I have mountains and rivers. The destination of self driving tour has never been a well-known scenic spot. More and more commercialization and flow of people will only greatly discount the scenery. They want to see more primitive nature, encounter the most beautiful sunset clouds, and sleep under the starry sky.

Whats more, theres no need to grab tickets or drive, and the pace of travel is completely controlled by yourself. Whats more, even singing on the road is not afraid to disturb people. However, we strongly condemn the littering along the road.

Whether the mountains and rivers of the motherland are beautiful or not depends on the guides mouth. With the same color of the hat and the team flag held high, is there already a picture. If you dont go to the scenic spots above 4a, you can get on the bus to listen to music and sleep, and get off to punch in and take photos. Every place listen to the tour guide say so two words, there will be a kind of money spent in place of psychological comfort (actually did not remember what).

This kind of travel, like the summer camp for primary school students, naturally disdains the young people who do not want to be restrained. However, it is very convenient and labor-saving for the old and middle-aged sunset red sky group.

However, it is precisely because of this point that many pure play groups have been bred. Some local scenic spots are not in the urban area, so it is not convenient to drive by themselves. It is even more difficult to meet several scenic spots along the East-West line which are far away from each other. Its a convenient way for many young people to join a tour group, which has a car to pick up and send off, and there is no restriction of tour guide.

Before returning home, they were at the bottom of the national day tourism disdain chain for a long time, because it was not tourism at all, but a group of nostalgic homesick people found a chance to go home.

A month ago, he began to ask for help in the circle of friends: help the children, whether they can go home or not depends on everyone (and attach a two-dimensional code for speeding up ticket grabbing). Homecomings circle of friends is often filled with a strong flavor of rural life. Even if the atmosphere of farmhouse is carefully packed, it can not change the reality of struggling at the bottom of the chain of disdain.

On the surface, it is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but in fact, it is to get rid of the disguise of Andy or Jessica in the office building, and become a girl in the village who is familiar with no object in her eyes. She often catches up with the relatives who get married during the National Day (three or four weddings are also possible in special cases), and then gathered by everyone again Fire - is there any object? Blind date?

However, this years return home tour has been able to get rid of the bottom status, on the one hand, it has become a dream that many college students cant get away from. On the other hand, it is an enviable thing to be able to buy tickets.

Where does the golden week holiday not need to see the sea of people? Where dont you have to put up with the wind and the sun? Where dont you need a lot of money? Where can you make money while swimming? Thats the office of the overtime dog, of course. Isnt it fragrant at three times the salary?

It sounds like its fun everywhere, but its just a comfort to the animals who work overtime. The real situation is that, compared with those who go back to their hometown, those who work overtime are often those who do not get tickets. Then, when everyone was out on a sightseeing tour, the boss thought of these available people, such as firefighters, to eliminate the travel burden in the minds of the boss and other colleagues.

No matter where you are, no matter how urgent the project suddenly comes, as long as you think in your heart, it doesnt matter. With them in the company, we can continue to play happily.

This National Day holiday, the most difficult travel is college students. Although the Ministry of Education said that colleges and universities should avoid one size fits all closed management, the way most colleges and universities deal with is to strictly control. Therefore, we will see such a scene during the national day. The tourists outside the campus fence walk freely, and the students in the fence still need to be approved by the counselor.

Some schools take national day make-up lessons, winter vacation ahead of a week to manage. A slightly better situation is to fill out the application form to go home. Those who stay in school are allowed to leave the school once a day, but they should return to school before the entrance guard and are not allowed to travel around. The most sad thing is that the places closed to even take out are not allowed to order. The school authorities said that it was for the sake of students health, while the students thought that if the price of the on campus shops was not increased and the canteen food was not good, I would not like to order takeout.

Originally, at the beginning of September, many students still wanted to order travel tickets with the hope of being unsealed before the national day. Until the official notice came down, they returned their tickets with tears in their eyes and with tears in their hearts. As a result, college students National Day holiday has become a campus tour. At present, different sightseeing routes have been fully opened, such as traveling from the south campus to the north campus, from the dormitory building to the express cabinet, and from the library to the canteen.

Of course, you are free to travel, the postgraduate entrance examination party only roams in the sea of topics.

Jumping out of the three realms is not among the five elements. On the one hand, the squatters despise all the people who go out to play, on the other hand, they are despised by all the travelers.

You laugh at my squat, I laugh at your Sun dizzy. Its impossible to get out of the house. You cant even get up in bed. Its the right way to open a long holiday.

As long as there is a beach in your heart, Maldives is everywhere; as long as there is a mobile phone by the bed, the takeout is also Michelin.

With WiFi and charger, I am a perpetual motion machine; with air conditioning and games, I can live to the end.

People who go out to play are just tired in a different place. Only those who lie dead are really resting on vacation. Staying at home not only fundamentally eliminates the possibility of infection with the new crown, but also can see the scenery that others can only see tens of thousands of steps a day.

Brush to friends circle, traffic jam, the scenic area is full, self driving tour car broke down, my heart spontaneously: I am comfortable.

At the end:

Of course, no matter what kind of way you choose to spend the National Day holiday, you can despise a new media person who is still writing in silence - yes, I am.

After all, as long as the earth does not explode, fashion youth do not have a holiday. If you see your own shadow in todays content, you may as well point to see, give me a trace of comfort overtime.

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