The best family education: father is a model, mother is a mirror

 The best family education: father is a model, mother is a mirror

Family education is the childrens initial school, which accompanies peoples life and has a profound impact on childrens personality, temperament and temperament.

In a healthy family, father and mother can not be absent, and in a family with love, both father love and mother love should be given right.

In China, the best family education: father is a model, mother is a mirror.

Dad is a role model

Determines the direction of the child

Liu Xuan, the son of the famous writer Liu Yong, once wrote with pride in his article:

He recalled that when he was a child, his family was poor, and his hard-working and strong father had built a shelter for them.

From the host of the educational program to the best-selling writer, Liu Yong had setbacks and hardships along the way, but he was not discouraged and gave up.

In his father Liu Yong, Liu Xuan understood a truth: firm optimism is a mans valuable quality, perseverance is the key to success.

To be a man like his father is the power of Liu Xuans growth.

One fathers day, someone asked Liu Xuan: what influence does father have on you?

He replied:

u201dHe has greatly influenced my life and shaped my spiritual world. Im used to my fathers sense of security at home and learned from him that one can do different jobs in different environments.

There are tens of thousands of ways of education, and teaching by example is the most reliable shortcut.

By observing the fathers various behaviors and daily contact with his father, children will form self cognition, and then imitate, which will affect their own gender cognition, intelligence training and personality improvement.

A qualified father doesnt need to be rich and capable. Instead, he should let his career grow with his children. When he becomes an example in childrens eyes, he will not worry that he will set foot on the detour of life regardless of everything.

Only when a father sets an example and leads the way, can the future of a child have a direction.

Mom is a mirror

Reflecting the temperature of the family

If the father plays the role of a pilot in the family, then the mother is a regulator of family emotions.

Hu Shi wrote in my mother

My mothers magnanimous, good-natured, treat people the most kind, the most gentle, never a word hurt peoples feelings..

When he was a child, Hu Shis family was in a state of decline. Every new years Eve, a large group of debt collectors came home, each with a lantern, sat in the hall and refused to go.

Hu Shis eldest brother had already gone out, but his mother was not impatient. She neither complained about self pity, nor spilled her anger. She walked in and out of the house, cooked the new years Eve dinner, thank the kitchen god, and give new years money. There was no trace of resentment on her face.

In the middle of the night, my mother went out by the back door, invited a neighbor to come to her house, gave each creditor some money, and kindly gave away the debt collectors.

Finally, Hu Shi wrote:

If I learn a little bit of good temper, if I learn a little bit of kindness, if I can forgive and understand people - I have to thank my mother.

In a family, if someone loses his temper, its like throwing stones in the calm water. Sometimes its a fine ripple that spreads out slowly, and sometimes it can make waves.

And the mother, is the core of family emotions, the mothers emotions, determines the temperature of the whole family.

A stable mood, not angry, not full of complaints of the mother, is the source of childrens inner security and temperature.

The best family education

That is, parents should be the best themselves

In life, we often hear such a saying: like father, like son, like mother, like daughter.

To educate children is to fight for their parents. What they fight for is not money and status, but their educational attitude. What they want is what their parents want of themselves and their children.

Its very simple to ask for children, just open your mouth, but its hard to ask for yourself. It requires self-discipline and perseverance.

But often only ask for children, not their parents, it is difficult to raise excellent children.

Because a thousand words of preaching are not as good as the example of one parent.

The father has time to accompany the children, is responsible for the family, is considerate to the wife and cares for the children.

First ask yourself, then ask children, regulate their words and deeds, calmly use action to do the best example for children.

A mother can have a good mood, will not affect her mood because of a little thing, and will not place all her expectations for the rest of her life on her children.

This is the best education parents give their children.

For children, the best education is not to ask a teacher for children, buy school district rooms, but to have a father who can serve as an example for the child, and a mother who is not in a stable mood and is not angry in front of the child.

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