Women in this life, can strong to independent, all have cause and effect

 Women in this life, can strong to independent, all have cause and effect

However, the accident came unexpectedly, which made me flustered.

Ten years ago, my wife suddenly fell ill, leaving a debt of 300000 yuan and two daughters in school.

Young children do not understand the hardships of life, for the sake of children, I have been supporting this broken home, trying to earn money, pay debts, all the money I can save, I would like to break a cent in two.

When I was the poorest, I ate a bag of white noodles for a week, scalded it with white water and mixed with soy sauce.

Looking at the two daughters look pale and emaciated, I took two more jobs. After work from the unit every day, I would like to be a cleaning aunt and a nanny. As long as I can make money and others are willing to give me opportunities, I want to hold on to them.

After being tested by money, no one knows more about the importance of money than I am. I am afraid of this uncertain life.

Life has pain and happiness, and it is not necessarily pessimistic. I also saw a little faint light in the gloomy life.

Fortunately, the people who borrowed money to us at the beginning did not fall into trouble when our family was in a difficult time. They comforted me one by one, dont worry, make money slowly..

Single mothers have a lot of pressure to raise their children. I often worry about whether there will be no money tomorrow. Under the anxiety and pressure, my hair turns white a lot.

Many nights, I will think of my husband who has passed away, how much I hope to have him by my side. Maybe, with him, we can face together, life will not be so difficult.

However, everything can only rely on me, I firmly told myself: I cant fall, the children are still young, they still have to rely on me.

Holding this belief, I have survived many difficult times, I constantly do a good job in psychological construction for myself, I think, my husband must also accompany me through the difficulties.

In retrospect, I feel sad. Its really not easy for a person to face the wind and rain of life alone and have no way out.

In 10 years time, its long and short. Its the end of the three of us, mother and daughter.

A month ago, the eldest daughter was admitted to a public hospital and found a good boyfriend. The mother-in-law is friendly and respectful to her daughter.

My youngest daughter has also been officially enrolled. I dont need to worry about it any more. My life is looking forward to.

For so many years, I have worked hard to support my family. All my efforts are meaningful in an instant. My two daughters have changed their fate by themselves and have never complained about the poor conditions at home.

They also often comfort me: Mom, thank you for giving us a complete home, we take you as an example.

Its a pity that I was lucky. Maybe God was envied.

Everyone said that when I had a hard time, I was found breast lumps again.

But as soon as I got into the hospital, my two daughters were like a different person.

They have a sense of responsibility, responsibility, and did not abandon me, as I did in those years, to shoulder the responsibility of the family.

I feel warm in my heart, and feel that all the hardships and sins I have suffered in these years are worth it.

Having two sensible and responsible daughters may be the greatest blessing in my life.

They and the doctor do a good job of docking, from my diagnosis of admission to my surgery discharge, take good care of me.

Good parents are childrens angels, leading their children to see a better world.

A good child, like a light, lights up the parents world and brings a little hope of rebirth.

After experiencing the wind and rain of life, what I want to tell my daughters most is to grasp the critical moment of life.

In the impermanent life, if a woman wants to live her own life, she must have a strong heart to hold her destiny.

Happy life, we advocate simple happiness, light and light life.

God will always test us, we must know, what are the critical moments in life, we must have a spirit to support!

Know what to fight for, what to give up, what to insist on, what to put down, what should be indifferent.

Whether it is a celebrity or an ordinary woman, the test from fate is as arduous as it needs to make a choice.

If you want to live a wonderful life and win the life you want, you must have your own ideas and courage, so that you can control your own destiny and not be fettered by others.

There are two kinds of people in this world. One is that most people dont know themselves and do not know how to grasp opportunities. They can only expect people with insight to let them know themselves.

There is also a small number of people who know themselves better than anyone else. They know how to guide the situation and follow the trend.

The former kind of people need to rely on luck to meet bole and confidants, with the element of luck.

The latter kind of people have their own opinions, will guide others to understand themselves, so that they get more opportunities.

May we all grow into the second kind of people, independent, confident, calm and beautiful.


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