Many people in the industry suggest three steps to protect rights correctly

 Many people in the industry suggest three steps to protect rights correctly

Recently, the Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued a reminder that these full-time agency rights protection gangs, under the banner of protecting the rights of consumers, generally do not have legal qualifications, but charge high fees, which in fact seriously infringe on the rights and interests of consumers.

In practice, these full-time agency rights protection gangs incite consumers to repeatedly protect their rights to the regulatory authorities. The relevant person in charge of Beijing Banking and insurance regulatory bureau points out that there are three kinds of common traps in combination with consumer related cases. First, the full refund is insidious, which makes it easy for consumers to fail in safeguarding their rights and lose the opportunity to solve problems in time. Second, there are many kinds of retirement financing, which is easy to fall into the trap of illegal fund-raising. Third, credit card rights protection gimmicks, lost credit and wealth.

It is worth noting that with the rapid development of short video platforms, some groups began to publicize complaints agents tiktok and other platforms, encouraging or acting consumers to complain to financial institutions or regulatory authorities, and providing unified complaint templates, using unified complaint techniques. The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau said that these acting complainants generally do not have the legal practice qualification, and there are often obvious mistakes in the quotation of legal provisions, which seriously hinders the normal negotiation between consumers and financial institutions. In addition, some people also fabricate and distort the facts, repeatedly complain, report and petition to the regulatory authorities, artificially lengthening the process of rights protection, which further causes consumers to miss the best time for dispute resolution.

So, how should financial consumers protect their rights correctly? Many people in the industry suggested that the three-step approach should be followed, namely, complaint, mediation and reporting.

The first step is to complain. Once consumers have disputes in the process of purchasing products or enjoying services of financial institutions, they can directly complain to financial institutions and claim civil rights and interests.

The second step is mediation. If consumers fail to resolve disputes with financial institutions through negotiation, they can apply to the local bank dispute mediation committee and insurance dispute mediation committee for mediation.

The third step is to report. If consumers find that the financial institutions or employees violate the regulatory laws and regulations, they can report to the local regulatory authorities where the informants are located. However, reporting to the regulatory agency can not solve the consumers civil appeal. If the consumer still cant solve the civil dispute through complaint and mediation, they can file a lawsuit to the court according to law. (reporter Guo Ziyuan)

Source: Economic Daily editor in charge: Zhang Zutao_ NT5054