Exploration of intelligent embryo laboratory: full coverage of Tianyan assisted by science and technology

 Exploration of intelligent embryo laboratory: full coverage of Tianyan assisted by science and technology

Exploring intelligent embryo Laboratory

For many infertile couples, having a healthy baby through IVF technology is a blessing. For a long time, the place where IVF is bred is full of mystery, which makes people curious. Economic Daily will take you to one of the most advanced embryo laboratories in this field and uncover the mystery behind high technology.

IVF technology has been developed for many years. Last year, Chinas first test tube baby was born successfully at the age of 31, proving that the technology is very mature. The so-called in vitro fertilization embryo transfer technology is commonly known as in vitro fertilization embryo transfer technology, is the process of taking out gametes (sperm, eggs) into the culture medium to fertilize them, and then transfer the embryo back to the mothers uterus to develop into a fetus. This technology has caused a sensation in the world scientific community. Its hard to avoid being curious about what happened to embryo babies in the secret space behind the doors?

After pre IVF, we built a luxury house for embryos - incubators in the embryo lab. It is as warm, safe and nutritious as the mothers womb. Even the light imitates the feeling inside the mothers body and carefully protects the embryo and babys development and maturity. Ou Xianghong, director of reproductive medicine center of Guangdong Second Peoples Hospital (hereinafter referred to as provincial second medicine), told reporters.

It should be noted that the embryo in culture is very fragile, and improper operation in vitro can easily cause damage. In order to maintain a high and stable success rate of IVF, the strict embryo Laboratory of the Provincial Second Medical College has played a key role. This laboratory has prepared the most advanced and stable high-grade carbon dioxide incubator for babies, providing relatively stable in vitro survival and growth environment for gametes and embryos. For example, stable temperature (37 u2103) and CO2 level (6%) allow the embryo to enjoy the same living environment as the mother in vitro.

With the help of a series of high-tech, the provincial second doctor has ensured the safety and reliability of the house to the greatest extent. Among them, the most hard core technology is the paperless real-time management and control system for the first embryo laboratory in Guangdong Province and the second in China. It is equivalent to a caring real-time intelligent housekeeper to help expectant parents look after their new home where gametes and embryos live.

Do you want to know what kind of mysterious journey the precious gametes and embryos have experienced after entering this house? Lets explore with the embryo baby.

Prevent mismatching and synthesize right embryo baby

After the sperm and eggs of the parents to be were taken out, they were sent to a clean and sterile embryo lab, where they started a romantic group date in a Petri dish. Only those with outstanding appearance and strong body can obtain the favor of the egg, and then freely combine to develop into an embryo baby.

Once upon a time, the names of expectant parents could only be handwritten on a Petri dish. But in the dark light of the embryo lab, it takes embryologists a long time to recognize the handwriting. Now, the Provincial Second Medical embryo laboratory will input the information of every expectant parent into the computer system, as long as the electronic labels with the names and medical record numbers of both parties are printed in batches and pasted on the culture dishes and test tubes. This system can record and check each operation step in real time, and directly generate a medical record with relevant data, which greatly reduces the error rate.

When carrying out artificial pairing, once the embryologist takes the wrong sperm and egg samples, the system will send out a drop by drop alarm to remind us to check the information again to prevent mismatch. In this way, you can ensure that the sperm and the egg meet the right person on a date and form the right embryo baby.

The whole process of accompany depends on real time intelligent housekeeper

After the combination of sperm and egg, a new life begins its gestational journey. You know, embryo babies dont grow up in test tubes, but sleep in a separate culture dish like a big bed and put in a luxury incubator. Its like a mothers womb. Its safe and comfortable. Humidity, pressure, air quality and so on have to be confirmed repeatedly. Even the lighting imitates the feeling inside the mothers uterus to keep it dark.

In the process of embryo maturation, real-time intelligent housekeeper - paperless real-time management and control system of embryo laboratory is fully online, accompanying the embryo baby. It can carry out sample intelligent identification, realize paperless whole process, scientifically and rigorously cultivate high-quality embryo babies, greatly liberating the hands of embryologists. It also uses electronic tags to identify the information of parents to be, and monitors the situation of gametes and embryo babies in real time through the all-in-one machine. The whole process is clear and controllable.

Dr. Li Sen, assistant researcher of Laboratory of the second medical and reproductive medicine center, said that embryologists, clinicians and nurses can complete communication feedback through the system, and there will be no paper in the whole process, which saves a lot of communication costs and facilitates review and traceability.

With careful care, the baby embryo can be transferred back to the mothers womb after 3 to 5 days of incubation, and it will grow and develop like a naturally conceived embryo.

But sometimes, because of the mothers physical reasons or the large number of embryo babies, the remaining brothers and sisters will be sent to the liquid nitrogen tank together and frozen in the state of - 196 u2103. They will sleep like hibernation. They will be awakened at the right time and return to the mothers uterus.

So, how to ensure the safety of these embryo babies?

In order to reduce the risk of personnel operation, the second provincial hospital innovatively adds a hard core intelligent lock to each liquid nitrogen storage tank, and can monitor the temperature in the liquid nitrogen tank in real time, and carefully protect the sleeping environment of embryo baby.

Every time the embryo baby needs to be taken out, the embryologist must pass the double fingerprint authentication to unlock the liquid nitrogen tank, so as to ensure the safety of the embryo baby in and out of the warehouse. If the liquid nitrogen tank temperature reaches the warning value, the system will immediately inform the laboratory personnel on duty, so as to check the embryo status in real time as soon as possible.

Tianyan full coverage, embryo baby injury free

What if someone wants to steal an embryo baby? Dont worry, the lab has a double fingerprint access control system. No one can enter the lab alone.

Due to the different constitution of each mother, in order to get the best quality embryo baby, the Provincial Second Medical reproductive medicine center has also developed an individualized egg retrieval program - in addition to routine egg collection in the daytime, it can also be operated at night or other non working hours. If an embryologist sends eggs to the laboratory at night, the entrance guard system will send SMS to remind the department head to ensure the safe operation of the laboratory at all times.

Whats more, every corner of the lab has a sky eye to help parents to be look after gametes and embryos. Even on every operation site, EyeLiner is buried. In this way, embryologists can trace and analyze each operation step, and the quality of the embryo baby will be more guaranteed.

Some people will worry that the house for breeding embryo babies is so important, in case of power failure, how to do? Rest assured that when the embryologist is not in the laboratory, the 24-hour continuous monitoring and alarm system will be on duty. In addition to its own alarm system, each incubator in the reproductive medicine center of the second provincial medicine also has a remote alarm system to provide VIP treatment for each embryo baby. Embryologists only need to install app on the mobile phone, they can remotely monitor the condition of embryo baby, check the indoor temperature and humidity, incubator gas and temperature, laboratory power failure, liquid nitrogen tank temperature, etc., to ensure that these indicators are kept within a certain standard range.

Once the embryo baby feels abnormal changes in the house, the system will alarm in time and call the relevant personnel to deal with it quickly. In case of power failure due to special reasons, all valuable instruments, including all incubators, will automatically start ups power supply, which can guarantee continuous power supply for several hours at least.

The process of nurturing embryo baby is full of mystery and full of hope of new life. The team of Provincial Second Medical reproductive medicine center knows that only by strictly controlling the quality can we ensure a stable and high level of success rate. Therefore, they have carried out a series of nearly strict safety measures to avoid the damage to the external environment of embryo babies and ensure absolute safety.

Our innovative and developed paperless real-time control system for embryo laboratory, as well as a series of seemingly mysterious high-tech, not only improve the success rate of IVF, but also improve the efficiency of laboratory management, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. Dr. Jiang Manxi, head of the laboratory of the Provincial Second Medical Center for reproductive medicine, said.

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