How does Wall Street View Trumps new crown when the US election is approaching?

 How does Wall Street View Trumps new crown when the US election is approaching?

Lindsey bell, chief investment strategist at allyinvest, wrote in a report on the 2nd: there is no precedent for the current nominees to lose their capacity before the general election. Because of the uncertainty in the next few weeks, market volatility is likely to continue or even intensify.

After trump was infected with the new crown, market performance did not panic excessively. Compared with the performance of previous presidential health changes, Paul Donovan, chief economist of UBS global wealth management, said in a report to clients: after the initial reaction, only news that is regarded as affecting the election results or public health is likely to be right The market has a lasting impact.

However, Lindsey piegza, chief economist at Wall Street investment bank stifel, said: trumps positive test also reminds the market that the virus is far from being controlled and remains the biggest risk to the economy, prospects, policies and elections themselves.

There are also people with a positive attitude towards this matter.

Mark haefele, chief investment officer at UBS global wealth management, said he remained optimistic about the medium-term outlook for the stock market. In the medium term, we expect liquidity to continue to improve as vaccine development and additional fiscal stimulus in the U.S. move the economy in a more normal direction.

Against the general election: Bidens chances of winning are rising

In a letter to clients, JP Morgan analysts wrote that the presidents illness slightly increased Bidens chances of winning, and reduced post election risk and market uncertainty to a certain extent.

Matt Gertken, a geopolitical strategist at BCAR research, cites several reasons why infection with the new crown may be good news for Trumps chances of being elected, the most important of which is that he became a survivor of the disease. As long as trump recovers, its good news for his election possibilities, gutken speculates. This distracted attention from his performance in the first debate and at least gained some sympathy for his illness.

The gambling market on October 2 showed a sharp rise in Bidens chances of winning. according to After the announcement of Trumps diagnosis, the probability of its winning fell by 3-4 percentage points. On that day, Biden led trump by seven percentage points in the real clear politics national poll.

This article combines Barron weekly and look at the news. Extended reading double Festival Holiday Express is too hard: hairy crabs take special planes to get moon cakes at home, market value soars by 10 trillion yuan, all into these companies bowls! Have you ever bought one? Chatting about stocks becomes chatting about fund funds flying into ordinary peoples homes_ NF2100

This article combines Barron weekly and look at the news.