Those who have not put down, slowly look back, but also so

 Those who have not put down, slowly look back, but also so

He and I met in the University. He was a member of our classs literature and Art Committee at the University. He had a band in the school, so he was a very popular figure in our school. Even the students in the school next door had heard of their band, and they often came to visit our school when they had performances.

In fact, at the beginning, I didnt have much intersection with him, until one group assignment, I and he were assigned to a group, so we formed a partner. At that time, we became familiar with each other. It was also at that time that I found that he was not only talented, but also had novel ideas. He could always think of some unexpected points. He was really an excellent person.

Its really a happy thing to fall in love with him. He once wrote a song for me. Its really romantic. Weve been to several concerts together, weve traveled to many places together, and every day is a day to look forward to. People around us are very envious of our feelings, we are also lucky to meet each other, we worked together, spent a very good university time.

After graduating from University, we began to work in different places. Its really a test of love in different places, and our relationship has failed just like many other couples. Because of gathering less and leaving more, he fell in love with other people, and we finally came to the end.

After breaking up, I really cant adapt to it. Every day, my heart seems to have a heavy weight on my heart. I have no appetite when I eat. Moreover, when I swallow food, I can obviously feel that it is difficult to swallow. At that time, I really lost a lot of weight, and I couldnt find the meaning of living without him. But fortunately, I still came out and got used to myself after breaking up.

Those who have been unable to let go, now look back, it is no more than that, so we should all look forward.