Most of the time, we always forget that we are also babies

 Most of the time, we always forget that we are also babies

When I was in college, I left my familiar hometown and went to a strange city to go to school. Everything was so helpless. At that time when I needed warmth most, I met him from a place, just like a lonely tree floating on the sea and found my own companion. We soon became familiar with each other, and soon came together.

He is a very talented person. He can be seen in most activities in the school. He is really a great star in the eyes of teachers and students, so I always feel very proud to be with him. So excellent people would like to be with me, I should be good.

Hes really nice, so Im very satisfied to be with him, so in other aspects, Im particularly accommodating to him. Every time he stood me up because he was busy or something else, although I still had a little bit of loss in my heart, it would soon be over, because as his other half, I felt that I should support him.

Every time we quarrel, I bow my head first. It seems that there is no such saying in his bones, so he never admits his mistake first. I especially care about our feelings, so I cant endure him, so I have to bow down first. Bow the number of times, he seems to adapt to the way I first admit wrong, I also become more and more humble.

I cant remember how many times I was humble. It was only after a long time that I found out that this way was wrong. Although he was excellent, I was not so bad. Why was I always humble. I found that I always love to forget that I was once held in the palm of my hand as a confession, which is also a very important existence. Therefore, I should not be so humble all the time. The humble love will not go on.