3D scanning clothing customization in 5 seconds and 2 hours in clothing collection

 3D scanning clothing customization in 5 seconds and 2 hours in clothing collection

Customers in Cangzhou Pearl International Clothing ecological new town for 3D scanning volume. Photo by our reporter Shi Ziqiang

Located in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, the Pearl International Clothing ecological new town is more than 20 kilometers away from the main urban area. Many citizens drive to the new city to experience the new business - the human body 3D scanning clothing customization of intelligent production workshop of clothing ecological new town. Five seconds to complete the measurement, the fastest two hours later, the public will be able to get the desired style of clothes.

Pang Yue, a post-90s girl from Cangzhou, came here to make a shirt and trousers for herself. Speaking of the reasons for customization, Pang Yue said: its hard to find a good tailor. Young people like to buy clothes online, but its hard to grasp the size. Sometimes the difference between buyers show and sellers show is too big. So I came here and wanted to make a suit of clothes that fit my body best.

Led by the staff of the clothing city, Pang Yue came to the cylindrical space built up by four sliding pillars. There are eight groups of cameras and laser transmitting devices distributed on the sliding pillars. The cameras can conduct 360 degree omni-directional scanning and capture, and then integrate the information through the computer to form a 3D data list of the human body.

Please stand up with your hands outstretched at an angle of 30 degrees from your waist. The staff click 3D scan on the computer with the mouse to start the measurement. Several sets of cameras work at the same time, and the red light first hits the top of the head of the experimenter in a horizontal direction, then moves down slowly, and finally stops at the foot. At this time, a 3D model of human body has appeared on the computer screen, which is exactly the same as Pang Yue. This is the process of measurement.

In the 3D tailor-made room, in just 5 seconds, Pang Yues 36 data such as front length, back length, collar circumference, chest circumference, middle waist circumference and knee circumference were collected one by one. Then, these data will be immediately transmitted to the clothing workshop, through the computer-aided design software for intelligent nesting, CNC cutting machine can cut the garment.

These precise body data can make clothes more suitable for the wearers needs and more comfortable and shapeless. Compared with the traditional measurement method with ruler, 3D scanning can display more details of human body besides height, waist circumference and other basic data. For example, shoulder skew data is difficult to accurately measure in the process of traditional clothing customization. Cangzhou pearl Clothing Technology Co., Ltd. intelligent shirt production workshop technical director Ning Xiaobo said.

Everyones body is different, and there are personalized characteristics. Now the clothing is standardized production, it is difficult to choose clothes to ensure that they fit everywhere Ning Xiaobo said, using 3D scanning technology, 360 degree three-dimensional data acquisition, the information will be more comprehensive, customized clothing will be more fit, more comfortable, more beautiful version.

Li Chengbin, a Post-70s man who made a suit, went to the clothing city for the second time. Li Chengbin recalled: when I was in primary school, the amount of ready-made clothes on the market was small and expensive. It was very complicated to find a tailor to make the clothes. Generally, he had to go through the process of measuring the size, sewing the clothes, trying on and modifying them, and didnt pay attention to the fabric and style. Now the living conditions are getting better and better, and the tailor-made clothes have become fashionable. The 3D scanning clothing customization now is totally different from the experience in the past.

3D scanning clothing customization has changed the process of people looking for clothes, making clothes adapt to people. In the Internet age, customization to meet the personalized needs of consumers has become one of the development and transformation directions of the clothing industry Ningbo said. (reporter Shi Ziqiang)

Source: Peoples Daily - Peoples Daily: Zhang Zutao_ NT5054