Beidahuang autumn harvest more and more science and technology: Beidou navigation + Remote Sensing Technology

 Beidahuang autumn harvest more and more science and technology: Beidou navigation + Remote Sensing Technology

Looking at the heavy ears of rice, song Jilin showed a smile. Recalling the impact of this years epidemic on agricultural production, he said that it was difficult and expensive to hire workers during the spring ploughing period. The unmanned intelligent rice transplanter equipped with Beidou navigation system helped a lot. Traditional high-speed transplanter generally needs three people to cooperate, one person controls the machine, the other two people load seedlings.

The unmanned intelligent rice transplanter is labor-saving, time-saving, fertilizer saving and practical. Through Beidou navigation system, combined with intelligent software path planning, the whole process operation automation is realized, and one manipulator is saved. Because it is not limited by the manual strength, the unmanned intelligent rice transplanter has a long working time and high efficiency.

Not only unmanned intelligent rice transplanting, Beidou navigation + big agricultural machinery also changed the traditional autumn harvest mode. In a paddy field of Qixing farm, a large combine harvester is working. There is a signal receiving device on the locomotive, which is a satellite positioning automatic navigation system, intelligent data monitoring and transmission system.

With this device, the longitude and latitude data of the working plot are input into the system. After setting, the automatic driving can be realized. Zhang Jinghui, a big grower of Qixing farm, said that technicians can check the working conditions and real-time data remotely with their mobile phones. If there is a problem, the system will automatically alarm.

Zhang Jinghui has been farming for more than 20 years. In the past, he used small four wheels to plant land, a small medicine pot was used to kill insects, and a sickle was used for harvesting. Now, large agricultural machinery with Beidou navigation is used for planting and harvesting. The crops that used to be harvested in more than ten days can now be harvested in a few hours. Zhang Jinghui said.

With the help of satellite navigation, large combine harvester can work accurately in the field, the error is between 0 and 2 cm, while the traditional agricultural machinery is difficult to cultivate accurately under manual operation. Zhang Jinghui said that under the satellite navigation, large agricultural machinery can also operate at night without any mistakes and can harvest with high quality.

In the Seven Star Farm, satellite navigation, intelligent, remote sensing technology have been applied. With the high definition screen, we can enter the Seven Star production center. You can see clearly the lines of the leaves and the insects crawling on them. Meng Qingshan, director of Qixing farms agricultural machinery center, said that the satellite remote sensing location of the plot, the camera directly locked the seedlings, and sat in the office to formulate a plant protection plan.

It is understood that Qixing farm completed the construction project of field planting plant networking platform in 2017, including 200 monitoring points, 20 small weather stations, 20 sets of underground water level monitoring devices, etc. these devices cover 1.22 million mu of cultivated land, and can automatically extract various elements of crop growth environment information. (end)

Source: Xinhua news agency editor in charge: Zhang Zutao_ NT5054