The super model who charmed Li Zi made the whole Brazil crazy

 The super model who charmed Li Zi made the whole Brazil crazy

We can not help but exclaim, how can there be such a beautiful woman in the world, she does not belong to the world, she should be in the sky.

If you want to walk alone in the world-famous Olympic Games, if you choose one of the worlds supermodels to complete this mission, its only Giselle Bangchen.

She once topped Forbes list of the worlds most profitable supermodels for nine years in a row. Her second place is worth less than a fraction of her value.

Because she always exudes a strong Queens temperament on the T-stage, Chinese fans have also given her a very domineering nickname Lady Ji.

Giselle Bangchen was born in a Brazilian family of German origin. Germans preciseness and Brazilians unrestrained spirit have made her unique temperament since childhood.

The secret signing with Victoria in 2000 marked the addition of Giselle bonchen to the ranks of top supermodels.

Since then, she has become the most brilliant star in the supermodel team step by step with her super professional ability and meticulous professionalism.

She has never made mistakes in the secret activities of Victoria, even if the mistakes can be solved perfectly. She often dedicates to the t-show of textbook level.

In contrast, our classmate Xi Mengyao looked like a pupil in front of Giselle Bangchen.

How can the glamorous Giselle bonchen be easily let off by Hollywood in the modeling world, but she has no passion and talent for acting.

Throughout Giselle Bangchens acting career, the two most famous characters are the female robber in taxi queen.

And the female model in the devil in Prada.

Knowing that he didnt die as an actor, Giselle Bangchen turned to modeling.

She continued to walk on the sky high t-show, all the luxury endorsements got soft, and fell in love with one superstar after another.

The most talked about is the celestial match between Giselle Bangchen and Leonardo DiCaprio at his peak.

To say that Xiao Li was at his peak at that time does not mean that he has made brilliant honors and achievements in the performing arts circle. After all, he has not won the Oscar.

Its just that hes at his best, when he just finished filming Titanic, and every night he appears in the dreams of countless girls around the world.

Beauty and figure are still between the small fresh meat and the charm of uncle, this stage is the best time in a mans life.

At the same time, Giselle Bangchen is in her best physical and psychological period, so the two Hollywoods Heavens favorite and supermodels tianzhijiao spent five years of sweet and happy time together.

Giselle Bangchen is the first queen of the modeling industry, and is the heart of countless men all over the world. However, the romantic little Li doesnt know how to cherish it.

After a series of infidelity, Giselle Bangchens patience was exhausted, and the two chose to end the relationship in 2005.

Today, Xiao Li said in an interview that breaking up with Giselle Bangchen was the most regretful thing he had done in his life.

In order to heal, Giselle Bangchen returned to his hometown in Brazil for some time.

During this period, she met the alien Ronaldo, who also returned to China for treatment.

If you are a fan, you must know that for Ronaldo, he will not let go of one of Brazils famous models, and Giselle Bangchen is still the worlds first model.

So Ronaldo showed his talent and had to admit that he was just as good in the field as he was on the pitch.

This time, though it ended in a lovelorn ending, Giselle Bangchen found that the athletes had infinite charm.

So in 2007, she fell in love with American football superstar Tom Brady at first sight.

At the beginning, people were not optimistic about the relationship, because Tom Brady has the title of American David.

It means that such an attractive sportsman must be surrounded by countless women who are ready to move.

In 2009, Giselle bunchen married Tom Brady secretly in California.

Now a mother of three, Giselle Bangchen lives a happy life similar to that of the Buddhists in growing pains.

When her husband had a competition, she took the children to cheer up in the stands. That scene was exactly the lifestyle that countless people yearned for most.