Securities companies in September Research Report push: 10 shares rise space, more than 70percent of big bull stocks are listed

 Securities companies in September Research Report push: 10 shares rise space, more than 70percent of big bull stocks are listed

Zhejiang securities Wang Huajuns first coverage of Zhongshan Jinma rose more than 90%. The company is the first brand of domestic large-scale amusement facilities manufacturing industry, and its customers include Wanda, Happy Valley, international top famous theme park, etc.; in the past seven years, the compound growth rate of revenue is 18%, the compound growth of net profit is 30%, and the gross profit rate is maintained above 50%. The company also actively enters into the operation of cultural and tourism terminal, and is expected to realize the project implementation and cultivate new profit growth points in 2020; Affected by the epidemic situation in the first half of the year, it is expected to have explosive growth in 2021 and 2022, and its performance will double next year. Wang Huajun of Zheshang securities has given the target market value of 5.3 billion yuan.

Haitong Securities Wang Liting and others give fushenmei more than 90% of the rising space. The company deeply ploughs Chengdu, radiates the southwest, the household building material chain leader. The household retail market is 4 trillion yuan, and the trend of increasing concentration is obvious. Explore new business model, platform strategy to extend the industrial chain. In terms of financial analysis, the company grew steadily with good returns. Give the company a reasonable market value range of 16.3-20.3 billion yuan.

Trend chart of Xinghui precision stock price

Guangfa Securities Hong Tao and others give star emblem precise rise space is also close to 90%. The company is the leader of precision metal connectors, cross-border into the cross-border e-commerce field. With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce export industry, B2C sellers enjoy the dividend. Supply chain + brand + channel, refined operation creates competitive advantage.

Guohai Securities, sulizin and others, have given China Wu shares a rising space of nearly 80%. The company is the leading industrial brake, the military and civilian integration development, the performance entered a high-speed growth period. The company is an important supporting enterprise in the military aircraft and aviation engine industry chain, benefiting from the amount of main combat equipment, full military tasks and rapid growth of related businesses. The company is the first private enterprise with military UAV maintenance qualification in China. The demand for military UAV maintenance is strong, and it is expected to become an important performance growth point. Wind power brake market has a large growth space, the company has a high market share, and the business is expected to maintain rapid growth. The brake business in traditional areas has been growing steadily, and rail brake is expected to become an important growth point.

Soochow securities Zhang Liangwei gave fengyuzhu a rise of nearly 80%. Around the culture + technology layout of digital display industry leading companies, in hand orders are sufficient. Urban digital experience space is the basic disk, and digital experience of culture and brand has become a new engine of growth. Urban digital experience space continues to sink, cultural consumption and brand marketing market space is broad. Multi point layout of digital products and services business, help brand break circle. Give the company a 25 times valuation in 21 years, corresponding to the target price of 33.25 yuan.

Source of this article: Yang Qian, editor in charge of CFA_ NF4425