The capital property market is cooling down! Shenzhen fried Housing Group began to evacuate

 The capital property market is cooling down! Shenzhen fried Housing Group began to evacuate

After meeting with the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and high policy pressure, Hangzhous property market seems to have been pressed the deceleration key, and the Shenzhen real estate speculation group, which is rumored to have 800 people marching into Hangzhou during the national day, has not set off waves.

New housing market: a temporary departure from wanrenyao

This is just a microcosm of Hangzhous new housing market in September and even in the first three quarters. Throughout the third quarter, Hangzhou had only one ten thousand people shaking in July. In the first half of this year, although affected by the epidemic situation, Hangzhous property market has experienced five ten thousand people shaking. Since the announcement of entering the era of lottery in April 2018, Hangzhou has produced a total of 30 10000 people shaking.

At the beginning of July this year, Hangzhou issued a new policy on the property market, limiting the purchase of high-level talents for five years. The proportion of new houses below 35000 yuan per square meter for the families without houses has been increased to 50%, and the identification of families without houses is stricter.

A few days later, the wanrenyao seed contestant and guangchenyue received the last pre-sale permit. The 143 houses attracted 17319 groups of customers to register, and the winning rate was only 0.83%. According to the public information, the winning rate of this project in the previous few lotteries was 3.64% and the lowest was only 0.78%. It was all luck to win the lottery.

After this, a large number of stock network red disk suddenly disappeared.

However, on September 4, Hangzhou issued the notice on further promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, which prohibited the entry of hot commodity housing projects, blocked the channels for investors to invest in real estate, and further implemented the housing without speculation.

After the promulgation of the new deal, Hangzhou released six red plates, including Vanke Sky City, Dexin Grand Canal Yunzhuang, Vanke Qianchen, and Yangguang city xingyaohua Yangli, which are dedicated to talent and homeowners. The effect of regulation and control is obvious. From the average winning rate of the six projects, only two projects are about 10%, and the other four projects are above 20%, and the highest is 67.42%. The total number of people registered in each disk is less than 5000.

The main purpose of the 9.4 New Deal is to limit investors and curb speculation enthusiasm. Only from the lottery situation of these hot real estate projects, the stage goal has been achieved.

Members of Shenzhen real estate speculation group send a farewell to Hangzhou

In late August, some media reported that the Shenzhen real estate group moved to Hangzhou. According to Zhejiang Online, in recent months, there are signs that Shenzhen real estate speculators have entered Hangzhou, and their figures have also appeared in several popular plates. Some real estate agents took over the Shenzhen real estate group and sold 11 second-hand houses a month.

He said, gold nine silver ten second-hand transactions have been cold, which is undoubtedly worse for the Hangzhou property market with increasingly high inventory.

On October 1, he also posted a micro blog, which read:

The words are full of self mockery and helplessness.

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