Let Milan spring and summer fashion week, take you heaven into the sea!

 Let Milan spring and summer fashion week, take you heaven into the sea!


Fendi uses smooth and bright colors this season to quickly pull us back to the fashion atmosphere we used to be familiar with. The use of woven fabrics, feathers and lace also adds romantic charm to the look of this season. Meanwhile, the supermodel queen mariaclaraboscono returned to our eyes again. A tough white windbreaker and aggressive steps brought us a different temperament of ladies.

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons are looking forward to this season! The balance between minimalism and feminism has unexpectedly reached a comfortable balance. The model grabs the front dress on the runway, symbolically honoring the two designers classic moments.


The design inspiration of Max Mara this season is from the drama costumes of Female Art Prize winner Corin sworn. The brand applies more pragmatism design elements such as pocket, drawstring and buckle to the classic profile design of the brand, which injects fresh blood of street style into the single product.


Alberta Ferretti returns to the show with friendly colors and gentle romance this season! A number of low saturation tone and elegant pieces, using lace and gauze skirt to convey the natural free and easy feminine flavor, bring people no resistance leisure beauty.


Versace took us directly into the water to explore the fantastic ocean dream with distinctive personality. The high saturation color design gives people a strong tropical summer style. The one-step skirt that fits the body curve reappears the ultimate temptation, making the gorgeous and high-profile brand image go deep into the public vision again.

Giorgio Armani creates a smart yet gentle intellectual suit with smart tailoring and advanced black and grey colors. Geometric accessories are also used properly, noble at the same time, light and comfortable, bring more practical wear possibility!

MOSCHINO, with unlimited creativity, abandoned the traditional model show form this season, and replaced it with the form of string dolls to imitate the classical Paris private salon style show. Even famous editors Anna Wintour, Edward Enninful and other characters were placed in the front row to watch the show. Across the screen, it also brought us the pleasure of the past show!


Valentino has merged mens and womens wear in this seasons show. The models walk in the industrial space full of flowers and green plants, while the clothes are blended with egalitarianism. The cutting is natural and smooth, and the hand-made weaving collides with flower printing, which makes the romantic feeling of realism come to a hair.

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