Huo Jianhua, Lin Xinru, sweetly passed two peoples world

 Huo Jianhua, Lin Xinru, sweetly passed two peoples world

After marriage, the two are often photographed together to participate in parties, and they also dote on their daughter. They often take their daughter out to play. The family life is happy and sweet, and many netizens begin to change their feelings towards them.

According to Taiwan media reports, Huo Jianhua, who hasnt had a new work for a long time, has confirmed that he will take part in his wife Lin Xinrus new drama on the first day of the lantern and has already set up makeup and put into shooting. His role is currently confidential. This is also the two in 2011 co starred in the imperial concubine after nine years of cooperation again.

Previously, when asked whether he would find her husband to join the show on the day of the opening of the Lantern Festival, Lin Xinru said: it depends on whether he appreciates the show or not.

In the picture, everyone takes off their masks in order to take pictures. Huo Jianhua seems to have drunk a lot and his face is a little red, while his wife Lin Xinru stands beside him, and the two smile sweetly at the camera. On the table in front of Huo Jianhua and Lin Xinru, there is a dish on which there are things like desserts, which look like food. In the second photo, Huo Jianhua picks up the dish and smiles at the camera, while Lin Xinru is shy and covers her face with her hand and leans against her husbands shoulder. She doesnt even dare to see the camera. She looks very cute.

In front of her husband and wife, Lin is surprised to see that her husband and wife are still shy in front of them.

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Good sister! Lin Xinru gives up good pregnancy house for Shu Qi

According to Taiwan media reports, after the couple Shu Qi and Feng Delun showed up at Lin Xinrus old house on August 30, Huo Jianhua, who drove a Ferrari worth 40 million Taiwan dollars (about 10 million yuan), was accidentally photographed on the same day. It can be seen that although Huo Jianhua has not started work for a long time, he is still very rich in experience.

Huo Jianhua returned home after about an hours outing, and the new drama mansion of a family of three was also exposed for the first time. It is reported that the mansion has beautiful environment and convenient transportation, which is suitable for a family of three.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Si_ NBJ11322