Cloud reunion! I didnt go home during this double holiday

 Cloud reunion! I didnt go home during this double holiday

With this problem, reporters interviewed five people from different places. Their occupations and identities are different, and the reasons why they dont go home are also different. But cloud reunion has become their common choice.

The reason why I dont go home: take a video and take a rest

Katie, a graduate student in a Beijing University, wanted to introduce her foreign culture to more people when she was an undergraduate. She chose to become a video blogger. More than a year later, she has more than 20000 fans in station B and a certain reputation in the dress circle. In August, she was invited to participate in the open class of station B, and the business cooperation of Japanese clothing brands followed.

In August of this year, Katie was invited as a guest speaker at station B. Photos provided by interviewees

In the past, I made videos mainly for personal interests. I had to face only the audience. There were more businesses because of the different business orders. Therefore, we had to pay more attention to the clothing and make-up modeling. We started shooting at a time when the light couldnt meet the requirements. So we should pay close attention to the shooting.

She told reporters, last week, we cut videos for several days until 1:00 a.m. in addition to shooting videos, the most important thing in this holiday is to take a rest and prepare for the internship after the holiday in a better state.

Although I dont go home during the holidays, my mother just came to Beijing from Zhejiang Province to see me in July. In addition, eating moon cakes and chatting with each other in the video, its no different from going home to see my family. Katie is very happy with the holiday.

Courier Cao Luming

Coordinates: Qingdao

The reason why I dont go home: make more money for my parents

Cao Luming, from Changzhi, Shanxi Province, is currently working as a courier in a franchise express company in Qingdao. During the national day, the implementation of the site is to take turns on duty, he stayed at the site for distribution according to the plan.

Although we cant have a holiday, the salary during the festival is higher than usual, and the express delivery volume is also larger. Cao Luming thinks that it is good to earn more.

Ill pay my family regularly. October 1 is the Mid Autumn Festival. I just had a video with my family and ate moon cakes together. I was very happy. However, I found that my fathers mobile phone video was not clear enough, so I planned to change a new one for him and buy some new clothes for my mother to dress up well

The picture shows a student picking up his belongings on a shelf in a campus express. Photo by Zhou Yi

Wang Yixin, a volunteer student

Coordinates: Guizhou

The second reason why I dont go home

Wang Yixin, from Xianyang, Shaanxi Province, is a graduate student of Ocean University of China. He is currently teaching in Wujiang middle school in Bozhou District, Zunyi, Guizhou Province.

Wang Yixins school is located on the top of the Wujiang River. There is only one teaching building. Life on the mountain is relatively monotonous. He usually prepares and lectures most of the time. Occasionally go down the mountain to collect express, go shopping and relax. The rain here is more than half a month, Wang Yixin has finally realized what it is like to be rainy.

Although we cant see the sun in the sky, every student in the class is like a little sun, full of vigor and vitality. Wang Yixin said that there are male students who are mischievous and make people angry in class. There are also girls who quietly hand me notes after class saying teachers should be happy every day..

The life here is more full of moving, I must be reluctant to leave here after a year. Wang Yixin said.

Wang Yixin is teaching the children. Photos provided by interviewees

Talking about not going home on national day, Wang Yixin said that after living in Zunyi for a period of time, she has adapted to the spicy food and humid climate. Unconsciously, this place has become her second home. If she does go home, she will surely think of bad pepper, Wujiang tofu fish

Wang Yixin decided to take advantage of the holiday to walk around to get a better understanding of Zunyi and Guizhou. The family also supported her decision during the video, saying that she didnt have to rush back. This year is also a cloud reunion, although not home, but there are more players and children with me to spend the Mid Autumn Festival.

Talking about her holiday plan, Wang Yixin plans to go to Guiyang to buy some winter clothes and visit Qingyan ancient town. Then visit Zunyi Meeting site in Zunyi City. On the evening of the 8th, students will return to school for self-study, so on the last day or two of the holiday, they will return to school to prepare lessons in advance.

Advertising practitioners Zhou Xingxing

Coordinates: Shanghai

The reason why I dont go home: to see my old classmates is to relax

Zhou Xingxing has been looking forward to this holiday for a long time. Advertising is Party B. it wants to connect with all kinds of customers, one demand after another. During the holidays, its inevitable to answer the phone and revise the draft. Finally, when it comes to the long holiday, this time I come out to find my old classmates and Im looking for a lot of shopping.

Yesterdays video shows that our parents are in good health, so we are in the mood to play. Some time ago, a relative had a sudden illness, but later he had no danger. The older you grow up, the more you realize how blessed your family is to be healthy. Zhou Xingxing told reporters.

Several of the people he gathered with were roommates when they were undergraduates. They came to Guangzhou from Beijing, Shenzhen and other places. It was their first gathering since they graduated more than two years ago. Zhou Xingxing said: the next time we get together, it may be in whose wedding.

During the national day, the price of air tickets has been continuously reduced. Screenshot of chat record

Zhou Xingxing bought a flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou on October 2, which only cost more than 300 yuan. He kept sighing when booking tickets that the ticket could be so cheap. On September 28th, the ticket from Shanghai to Guangzhou was still 450 yuan, and the next day it was 150 yuan cheaper.

Another Liu Xupeng, who went to Guangzhou from Beijing for an appointment, also found that the closer the holidays were in the past, the higher the price was. He didnt expect to book a good ticket four or five days in advance. When he looked again on October 1, the minimum price was 300 yuan. I didnt take advantage of the bigger price, but the price is also very good compared with the previous years. Ill wait for a few days to meet with my brothers and reminisce about the past. Liu Xupeng told reporters.

Zhou Xingxing will fly from Shanghai to Guangzhou. Photos provided by interviewees

Police officer Lu

Coordinates: Kaifeng

The reason why I dont go home: on duty during the holiday, Im ok, and my family is distressed

It is not planned that police officer Lu of Kaifeng, Henan, did not go home this year. When everyone was ready for the long holiday, on September 30, at 7:00 p.m., a notice was suddenly received: the vacation was cancelled and all of us went to work. A period of time has been working for ten days in a row, continue to come for another eight days, there is no follow-up rest

In the 16 years of police career of officer Lu, this year is a very special year. In his words, since the beginning of the epidemic, he has not had a rest. He is OK, but his family is a little distressed.

The particularity of work determines the particularity of police life. All walks of life have their own difficulties. We often go to the scene of a crime. Even in the hot summer, it takes several hours to investigate the scene of a crime. Cooperating with the forensic medicine, it is more common for us to stand at the scene all day. In this era when there are more and more people living alone, it has become one of the sites where we explore more about the death of old people living alone. When people are middle-aged, they are not satisfied with these things. At this time, they miss their families even more.

At 10 a.m. on October 1, three police helicopters of the police aviation team of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau hung a 6.45 u00d7 4.3-meter five-star red flag over the Huangpu River, attracting citizens and tourists to stop and watch. The picture shows Shanghai Police saluting the national flag. Photo by Yin Liqin

Officer Lus biggest hobby is running at night, which is his only way to decompress at present. Because there is no time in the day. From the police 16 years, although there is no big ideal, but as long as an order, I will still block in front of the people, to face the darkness of the world. He said.

Why didnt you go home this Mid Autumn Festival holiday? (end)

Source: Zhang Zutao, editor in charge of China News Network_ NT5054