How to make a good picture of yourself in mens day trip

 How to make a good picture of yourself in mens day trip

However, fan found that there was a man named adamdallagher (@iamgala) on INS who often clocked around the world, and not only dressed but also photographed them. Each photo looked very big.

Today, with the photos of this blogger, Id like to talk to you about how to make a concave shape in your travel so that you can take the photos that have won numerous praises in your circle of friends

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The clothes are simple, with a sense of vacation and color matching with the scenery

In fact, the style of dressing can also affect the quality of photos. For example, this blogger has his own set of clothes. He doesnt deliberately wear too fashionable, but prefers simple basic styles. His style is casual and does not catch up with the camera. The color is also natural, such as white or brown.

Ive also worn some short sleeve shirts with simple stripes. Its casual and has a sense of vacation. You can start with one.

He will also match with fishermans shoes, cap and other holiday items, not only full of holiday elements, but also very practical to wear.

In addition to the casual and comfortable clothing style, he also refers to the scenery to be photographed in the color selection of clothes. For example, he wears black clothes when going to Antelope Valley, and light color clothes when he goes to the lake.

Concave shape, posture is not intentional

The reason why Adams photos are released is that he is very concave when taking pictures, and it is not hard concave. His posture is very casual and not deliberate, which makes the whole picture look very comfortable.

Not looking at the camera is one of his common camera positions. For example, the following one is just like stretching out, which is naturally shaped.

Even for the tourist photos of the scenic spots, his posture is very relaxed and not intentional. The photos taken seem to have a sense of ease and style.

Blocking the face is also a good way to take pictures. Press the shutter at the moment of lifting your hand to create a casual feeling of being photographed inadvertently.

Or ask your family and friends to take pictures for you while reading. It can also be a good way for people who are afraid of the camera.

In fact, the place where the film is produced is not only limited to scenic spots, but also a good place to take photos on the streets of the city. You can move more and take two steps. There is always a satisfied Street photo in the snapshot.

It can also be photographed in the hotel. The sofa by the window or the bed in the room can be concave. Without too much dressing up, you can shoot the French blogger style on INS.

The corner of the airport and the most common elevator can also be produced. For example, the elevator hall can also help composition. The photos taken have a symmetrical aesthetic feeling.

I think everyone will take a camera when traveling. It is the simplest way to use the camera as a prop. Its very interesting to let your family and friends take pictures of your photos.

The telephone is also a powerful tool for taking photos of concave shape. Now many scenic spots have this kind of old-fashioned telephone, which can be shot in minutes with a retro feeling.

As well as the most common bicycle in the city, it can also be used as a photo prop. When you park on the road, you can take a picture. It is full of leisure sports

Props like glasses and wine glasses are also good tools for taking pictures. They seem to be taking pictures of them, but they are actually taking pictures of scenery, which is more interesting than taking pictures of scenery directly

Dont show your face, shoot a sense of atmosphere

In fact, after reading the photos released by Adam, you will find that all the photos he took have a sense of atmosphere. Instead of relying on too deliberate modeling or meticulous revision, he uses composition and lighting techniques to shoot a very advanced feeling.

For example, in the following picture, we use the method of backlight shooting to capture the silhouette of the French window. When we are in the city at night, it is particularly vivid and impressive.

For men who dont like to show their faces, just taking a picture of the back is also a good way to make a film. Putting the character in the middle of the image will create a feeling of holding the whole audience.

You can also take a picture of your back with the help of a hotel bathtub or swimming pool, which is suitable for men with excellent upper back muscles.

If you are going to some places with beautiful natural scenery, you can take the feeling of high-level blockbuster with this kind of grand perspective. It is also a test of shooting ability to put people in a distance and take a panoramic view of the scenery.

Or putting the characters close together and focusing on the distant scenery is also a way to highlight the sense of atmosphere. For example, this one below has a very hazy beauty

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Well, the photo of blogger Adam dallagher will be analyzed here. Have you got his photo taking method? Leave a message and discuss it

Pictures from the Internet, some from visual China

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