Trump: I feel good! Many people in the White House or super communication event

 Trump: I feel good! Many people in the White House or super communication event

The day after President trump was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland for treatment, on the morning of October 3, local time, the White House presidential doctor team held a press conference on Trumps current situation. They said the president is in good condition and has no symptoms of new coronavirus infection such as fever and dyspnea.

It is said that this is a super large medical team with more than 10 people. The White House doctor said: the president is in very good condition. We are very satisfied with his performance. In the past 24 hours, there was no fever, no oxygen machine and no dyspnea. Trump said he felt he could get out of the hospital today. But doctors did not announce when trump would be discharged.

Doctors said trump had mild coughing, nasal congestion and fatigue on Thursday, and these symptoms have now been alleviated and improved. The current treatment plan is to complete a five-day course of radcivir. Todays treatment plan It is to encourage him to eat more, drink more water, keep hydrated, get up, work more, and do what he needs to do to recover his health

I feel good!

After the doctors announced the latest situation, trump immediately tweeted: doctors, nurses and everyone at the great Walter Reed medical center, and others from other wonderful medical institutions, amazing! Great progress has been made in the past six months in fighting the epidemic. With their help, I feel good!

And its worth noting that Dr. trump said he was diagnosed 72 hours ago, which is Wednesday morning Eastern time! He also went to Minnesota and Minnesota on Wednesday night and Thursday night.

Is super communication formed?

On October 3 local time, CNN reported that a spokesman for Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said that Ron Johnsons new coronavirus test results were positive.

The spokesman said Johnson did not attend the ceremony of nominating Amy coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States because he had been in contact with new crown infected people and was being quarantined. After returning to Washington, D.C., on September 29, Ron Johnson tested positive for his nucleic acid on October 2, but he has not yet developed symptoms and has begun self isolation. Ron Johnson is the third Republican senator in the last two days to test positive for new coronavirus.

After novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in October 2nd, President Trump and his wife were confirmed by several US politicians. According to the U.S. media disclosure, the timing of these peoples infection is more coincidental, which may be a super transmission event.

According to US media statistics, trump has participated in at least nine election rallies since September 15, local time, and has traveled to eight states, including Washington, D.C., and Wisconsin. US media said that at least 11 staff members were confirmed during the first debate on the 29th presidential election. At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia is diagnosed in at least 22 of Trumps close contacts.

In addition, on September 26, the White House held a nomination ceremony for justices of the Supreme Court. At least seven people who attended the ceremony have been diagnosed with infection. Among them are the trumps, Senator Mike Lee of Utah, Tom Tillis of North Carolina, and John Jenkins, President of Notre Dame University. U.S. media found that many senior government officials attending the ceremony did not wear masks, and seats on the scene did not follow the epidemic prevention and control recommendations, with an interval of less than 6 feet, about 1.8 meters.

In recent days, many people in the White House and trump campaign team have tested positive for new coronavirus. Since October 1, trump consultant hope Hicks, trump team campaign manager bill Stephan and former senior trump adviser Kelly Anne Conway have confirmed positive results for the new coronavirus. All three of them have been involved in Trumps campaign recently.

The president of the Republican National Committee, Ronald McDaniel, who attended the presidential debate in Cleveland on Tuesday, was also tested positive for the new coronavirus this week, USA Today reported. Bill Stephan, the manager of Trumps campaign team, was reported to be staying in the White House on Monday and taking air force one to the presidential debate on Tuesday Field. According to novel coronavirus positive cases, 11 local cases of new coronaviruses tested in Cleveland can be traced back to the organizers or media members who participated in the presidential debate, according to NBC website.

To really get out of this mess, we want to continue to see negative results for 14 days after exposure, said Michael Mina, a Harvard physician and epidemiologist. Until Hicks and trump confirm that the new coronavirus is positive, we may not be able to determine how many people they have contacted, she said. Its not even clear if Hicks was infected with Trump - and vice versa, they could have been infected by a third person.

White House doctor: trump is in good condition