US military aircraft landed on an Indian Island for the first time, near the throat of Chinas sea

 US military aircraft landed on an Indian Island for the first time, near the throat of Chinas sea

According to the report, although India and the United States signed a reciprocal military logistics treaty in 2016, warships of the two sides are providing mutual refueling and other services, but this is the first time that a US military aircraft has landed on the Andaman Islands. The importance of the incident also lies in the joint exercise between India and the United States in the Indian Ocean region near the Andaman Islands, which is an important maritime transportation line for China.

In July this year, the Indian Navy and the US aircraft carrier battle group conducted a joint military exercise in the southern Bay of Bengal. In addition, the Indian Navy has equipped eight p-8i anti submarine patrol aircraft, and will equip four more in the future.

Due to the tension with China, India used p-8i anti submarine patrol aircraft to monitor the Indian Ocean, and warships and submarines also cruised along the eastern coast.

Another military treaty signed between India and the United States is called communication, compatibility and security treaty, which makes it easier for India to obtain high-tech equipment with encrypted communication function. The p-8i anti submarine patrol aircraft that will be equipped in the future will have this encrypted communication function.

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Modi: its a historic day

Modi speaks at the opening ceremony of the artar tunnel

According to the report, Indian Prime Minister modi attended the tunnel opening ceremony today, accompanied by Indian Defense Minister Singh, Indian defense chief of staff Bipin ravat and Indian army chief of staff naravan. Modi described that day as a historic day..

The artar tunnel will add new strength to the infrastructure on the Indian border. This tunnel is not only important for Himachal Pradesh, but also because it facilitates access to the Ladakh area, modi said at the time

Nothing is more important to us than national interests and the protection of the country. He added.

According to NDTV, the atar tunnel connects monali in Himachal state with the Lahur Spiti Valley and shortens the road distance between monaly and the cities in the Sino Indian border region by 46 km and 4-5 hours, according to NDTV. Indias Financial Express also said that the artar tunnel is of great strategic significance because it will greatly contribute to the operation of the armed forces.

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Indian media also claimed that the atar tunnel is the worlds longest highway tunnel at an altitude of 10000 feet (about 3000 meters), with a maximum speed of 80 km / h.

It is worth mentioning that since the Sino Indian conflict in the border areas, India is stepping up the construction of infrastructure such as roads and bridges on the Sino Indian border. Indian Defense Minister Manmohan Singh revealed at the end of last month that the Indian government has doubled the infrastructure budget on the Sino Indian border, according to Reuters.

In response to Indias priority in building high-altitude, all-weather expressways in the Ladakh area along the Sino Indian border as a matter of priority, Wang Wenbin of the Foreign Ministry responded at a press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 29 that China does not recognize the so-called Ladakh central directly administered region illegally established by India, and opposes infrastructure construction for the purpose of military dispute control in the border disputed areas. According to the recent consensus reached between China and India, neither side should take any action in the border area that will complicate the situation, so as to avoid affecting the efforts of both sides to ease the situation.

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