This autumn and winter wardrobe, you also need a leather coat!

 This autumn and winter wardrobe, you also need a leather coat!

Yes, this autumn and winter, fashionable girls are wearing retro leather coats. For example, Bella Hadid has a lot of leather clothes. She looks like she just finished filming matrix.




Some fairies will say that they are worried that the material is too difficult to control, and some styles are really exaggerated and earthy. How to wear leather clothes today?

-Leather selection-

Before choosing a style, you should pay attention to which kind of leather is more suitable for you. If you want it to become daily wearable, the black matte leather is preferred. The lower the gloss, the more solid it will be. Even the whole suit will not be exaggerated.

Black matte pieces can become a little bright spot to enhance the whole bodys fashion. For example, if you change the black suit into a leather suit with the same collocation, will it immediately become more modeling?

Its time-saving and labor-saving. It doesnt need fancy black-and-white collocation. Because of the particularity of this material, it already has the flavor of avant-garde personality. Leather suit or trousers can avoid the boring of a dark look.

Item recommendation

This black matte leather coat is made into a windbreaker style, which is more unique than the common motorcycle jacket or leather suit.

The generous version, coupled with the details of the waist belt tightening, makes the upper body skinny, so that the expansion of the coat also has a charming curve.

Its versatility is very strong, personality big Lapel design fashionable atmosphere, button up or open wearing can be well matched with different styles of pants skirt.

Fanostudios silhouette Lapel leather

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Whether it is matte or shiny leather, the general leather skirt is easy to fall into convention, it is difficult to choose. This is a crocodile embossed leather skirt with just the right luster.

The length of five points is more suitable for autumn and winter. It is very nice to match the simple knitting top with the stiff and smooth lines.

The same type of reddish brown also belongs to a more stable autumn and winter color, this skirt is suitable for a wide range of occasions.

Unspoken high waist straight tube leather skirt

In addition to the more common black leather piece, for the choice of color, how to do both good-looking and easy to wear?

The second is to avoid bright colors, that is, colors with high lightness and saturation.

If the saturation is higher, it will be more conspicuous, and it will be more picky about the matching of bottoms and underwear. Of course, fashion bloggers have corresponding items to echo, such as purple leather pants with similar saturation, but it is difficult to match for us who are all daily commuters in the wardrobe.

For the same color system, bright orange and deep brown, Bella personally demonstrated which color is more temperament.

Item recommendation

A leather windbreaker with super temperament, soft cream and apricot color, shows a fresh and elegant sentiment.

The obviously divided design gives the skirt a three-dimensional shape and a sense of silhouette construction, showing the modern side of British style, and the other side of maturity and sexiness. This windbreaker will be retro and fashionable just right.

Olive green is also one of the colors with advanced sense, calm atmosphere and very durable.

This suit is made of environment-friendly leather, which has a delicate and soft feel similar to lambskin.

The version still has the leather suits silhouette and shape. Its loose and does not restrict the body. It looks good with the shirt, T-shirt and so on.

Leather also has good windproof properties. Its warm and comfortable to wear in autumn and winter. Its getting colder in October. Leather suits can be bought quickly

Evenvintage olive green leather suit

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The most prominent feature of light leather clothing is that it has not only reserved gentle feminine flavor, but also the heroic flavor brought by leather.

This kind of jacket imitates Lamb Leather ground, which is suitable for daily wear of work, shopping and party.

Delicate oatmeal color, leather surface with fine old lines, simulation of the texture of leather, soft and easy to wear.

With a sweet skirt, sweet but not greasy, with handsome pants, its a must-have coat in autumn and winter with both beauty and versatility.

Rayna.g/renagee short motorcycle jacket leather

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Autumn and winter are not necessarily monotonous black and white gray and earth color system, try a fresh macarone color, on the contrary, it will be dazzling.

Kira & yanng70s macaroni skirt

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-Style selection-

Its needless to say that the classic level of common jackets and suits of leather items is not much. If you want to try more styles with these pieces, you must look at the big hot slacks this year.

Leather slacks are very suitable for autumn wear. Simple matching with shirt is enough to attract the eye. Matching with a suit can also reduce the solemn and formal feeling of the suit. If it is colder in winter, it will be even stronger with a pair of jeans boots.

The length of the five point straight tube loose leather pants is just above the knee, and the foot opening is loose design, which can be called a sharp weapon to cover the flesh.

The leather texture is delicate, with natural grain and slight luster. It can be called king of all kinds. It has a good modeling feeling with knitted cardigan, sweater, windbreaker or suit coat.

The split design on the pants enriches the overall details, but it will not appear too single. The leather fabric has a handsome personality temperament on the body, and it has no binding feeling and will not have a hard feeling.

Fanostudios Capris

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Leather long skirt, for girls who want to keep warm and fashionable, is a good choice, but the choice of length should be cautious, too long length is not high, at the same time, it is not daily.

More suitable is the length of seven minutes above the knee, whether it is a word or slim skirt, are easy to show high and thin.

For this length of skirt, health girls dont have to worry about getting cold on their knees. As long as they are paired with boots, they can still keep warm, which is often seen in fashion week.

The umbrella shaped skirt is the first choice for a slightly fat or pear shaped figure. The hard leather can also cover the belly fat. Even if it is a light color skirt, its meat hiding ability is not inferior to that of black.

Item recommendation

The gentle khaki color is low-key, steady and has texture. The saturation of this color is low, and it is easy to match without skin color selection.

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-Color selection-

Instead, its a more stylized, irregularly tailored skirt, which can be in the form of a wrap skirt or a slit on the side. Its very photogenic to pat with boots or ankle boots.

Classic black leather short skirt, micro A-shaped version + careful front slit, just meet the requirements of a fashionable irregular skirt.

PU leather fabric is very soft, the surface has fine leather lines, matte texture is low-key, daily and easy to take care of.

Its not necessary to say that its easy to match the classic sweater with black-and-white, which can also reduce the cumbersome appearance. Not to mention leather skirt is exclusive to cool girls, different collocation will also produce a different style.

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Compared with the old-fashioned impression of leather clothes and trousers, many styles are more tolerant of the body and are not difficult to match.

This years hot trend is a variety of leather items, fashion fairies who want to catch up with the trend must not miss these leather clothes this year!