Guo Fucheng Fang Yuan takes her children out and is exposed in front of her one year old daughter

 Guo Fucheng Fang Yuan takes her children out and is exposed in front of her one year old daughter

According to the netizen, Guo Fucheng also communicated with Fang Yuan in Putonghua all the way in Hong Kong. It can be seen that he is very fond of his wife. Fang Yuan, dressed in a white skirt with long hair, is gentle and touching. She accompanies her daughter and mother carefully. She is also disclosed by netizens that she played horizontal bars, showing her contrast.

Guo Fucheng is patient with his two daughters, and he has also posted photos of his family outing that night on the social platform.

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On September 27, Guo Fucheng revealed that he would accompany his two daughters to light lanterns for the Mid Autumn Festival. On October 1, the Mid Autumn Festival, he did not break his promise. He showed a group photo of his wife and two daughters together. He wished everyone a happy mid autumn festival in the postscript.

Netizens have also offered blessing, and praised the Guo Fucheng family looks very happy, the daughters are so lovely.

In the photo, Guo Fucheng is wearing a black T-shirt and dark trousers. His wife, Fang Yuan, was wearing a white T-shirt with A-line skirt. The two were well matched in black and white.

Fang Yuan holds the hand of her eldest daughter, Guo Yongxi, while Guo Fucheng holds the hand of her younger daughter. The eldest daughter is 3 years old, while the youngest is only 1.5 years old. But she has been able to walk very steadily. Her sister is wearing a casual flower skirt and a double ponytail. Her sister is wearing a pink cake skirt. She looks like a little princess, and her modeling is very grand. Although the photo is only a back photo, the picture of holding hands with big hands is still very loving, and the happy atmosphere overflows the screen.

Later, Fang Yuan also updated her social platform, showing photos of her family going out. She was very warm and happy.

It is reported that some time ago, singer pan Weibo announced the news of her marriage, but her love with Luna has been questioned. Some netizens have picked out the girls black material and pointed out that she has participated in the Tianwang sister-in-law training camp for training how to catch golden turtles, and Fang Yuan has also been implicated. Later, Fang Yuan deleted part of the dynamic, causing netizens to speculate that her marriage with Guo Fucheng had problems.

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Guo Fucheng supports Fang Yuan: its not in this line. The report of tianwangsaos training camp is not true, and the sweet news is on the road (source: ~)

On September 8, Guo Fucheng attended the event and was asked that his wife Fang Yuan was from Tianwang sister-in-law training camp. Guo Fucheng said: I dont think I will answer this. I have already said in the text that those are false reports. I think we have clarified this before, and my wife has also clarified it, and she has not answered.

Previously, it was reported that her wife Fang Yuan had joined the Tianwang sister-in-law training camp. Guo Fucheng gave her full support: this is not true report. The Internet is too free. The people who spread rumors dont need to be responsible, but the party concerned is very sad. My wife is not in this line. She is only half a forerunner. These reports are a kind of injury to her, and I, as her husband, will certainly support her I hope these irresponsible people stop.

Guo Fucheng Fang Yuans younger daughter first exposed in front of her face_ NBJ11322

Guo Fucheng: Fang Yuans younger daughters face first exposed