Zhou Jihong: Chinas diving starts Olympic Games

 Zhou Jihong: Chinas diving starts Olympic Games

The Chinese diving team was originally scheduled to have five trials for the Tokyo Olympic Games. The athletes points were taken from the best three of the five. However, due to the epidemic situation, the Diving World Cup in April and the national diving championship in May were not held as scheduled. Therefore, this competition and the three national championships in January and may next year will be the final reference for the selection of the Olympic Games.

Were going to get the best of two of the three. In addition, the results of Shijiazhuang and January will be used as the selection criteria for the World Cup next April Zhou Jihong said.

Weve had three races before, so its starting from scratch. . But the results of those three stations still have a certain role, as the overall strength and level of consideration at this stage, and the reference of comprehensive evaluation. Talking about the reasons for the restart of the Olympic selection, Zhou Jihong explained: we hope to restart the selection to better stimulate the state of the players. Before that, the level of athletes reached a very high stage, but after the postponement of the Olympic Games, all aspects of the athletes were affected. If we dont restart the Olympic selection, we may have some influence according to the list selected from the original three races

Affected by the epidemic situation, we have been closed for 89 months before. Judging from todays competition, the veteran players have more experience and are not affected by the environment, so they play a normal role. There are some young athletes who have strong training strength. However, due to the lack of competition for nearly a year, they are still lack of adaptability when they switch from small training venues to such large venues Zhou Jihong said.

Zhou Jihong said: there is still one year to go before the Olympic Games. Some athletes will have some changes in various aspects of training and competition. I hope they can not relax and continue to refuel. At the same time, there may also be small players and new players to stand up, their training, competition state is easier to mobilize. Re set up the Olympic selection, hoping to better motivate old athletes, but also to mobilize young people

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651