Marbury talks about Wuhan: the food here is very spicy and the people here are very enthusiastic

 Marbury talks about Wuhan: the food here is very spicy and the people here are very enthusiastic

Head to head

Marbury and Du Fengs love and hatred with a smile

The two sides of the match are the Chinese mens basketball star team vs the mens Dingle star team. National team coach Du Feng is the head coach of the mens basketball star team, while the mens Dingle team is headed by CBA North control head coach Marbury. This is a very interesting topic in itself, because the two coaches had a very tangled enmity. This charity match let the two people in the CBA field will have a different match.

Marbury during the player period can be said to be the enemy of Guangdong team. In his four years in Beijing, he won the championship three times. At that time, Du Feng, who was in charge of Guangdong team, was repeatedly defeated by Marbury. As a result, they often make sparks on the court. Now Marbury is also a famous coach of CBA team, and Du Feng has become the head coach of the national team. In the CBA last season, the Guangdong mens basketball teams first defeat was lost to the North control team led by Marbury. At that time, Du Feng refused to shake hands with Marbury, which made Marbury very angry.

Thanks to Yao foundation for giving me such an opportunity to come to Wuhan and witness a historic moment after major events, Marbury said at a pre match press conference in Wuhan on March 3 During the 2011 Asian championship, Marbury came to Wuhan to watch. Up to now, he still remembers the delicious but spicy food in Wuhan. Of course, what impressed him most was the enthusiasm of the people here.

Du Feng said: its a great honor to come to Wuhan at a special time. As a sportsman, I have a responsibility to contribute to charity. Marbury and Du Feng stepped on the stage at the same time and nodded to each other. It seems that under the influence of charity, the enemies in the past have a tendency to smile away their gratitude and hatred.

The players are brilliant

Half of the national teams came to the scene to make contributions

In terms of players, the charity game has also attracted many basketball players to join. The star teams of Chinese mens basketball team include: Hu Mingxuan, Ren Junfei, Zhou Peng (Guangdong), Wang Shaojie and Sun Yue (Beikong); Wang Zhelin and Chen linjian (Fujian); sun Minghui and Hu Jinqiu (Guangxia); Shen Zijie (Shenzhen) and koranbaike (Shanghai), etc., including half of the Chinese mens basketball team and many CBA stars. And the male Dingle teams player composition is: CBA super foreign aid + NBL Wuhan contemporary mens basketball team + medical staff representatives.

At the pre match press conference, Zhou Peng said: my wife is from Wuhan. So we have a lot of relatives and friends living in Wuhan. During the epidemic, many of them also fought in the front line of the war epidemic. I feel the hardships of Wuhan people during the epidemic period. At that time, I also made a set of fitness videos to encourage these families to fight the epidemic

Facing the strong Chinese mens basketball star team, the male Dingle team is naturally not willing to be outdone. In addition to inviting Wuhan contemporary mens basketball players to assist, Clarence Williams and marchan Brooks, two international players, added to the team. Its a great honor to be able to play with such a group of people. It must be a completely different feeling from before, WIMS said at the press conference

The third section of the competition is specially designed for children

Ten young players came from rural primary schools in Shiyan poor areas

Since its establishment in 2008, Yao foundation has been focusing on the development of physical education for poor teenagers. Therefore, Yao foundation charity match has always had a tradition, that is, in the third quarter of the game, small players from rural primary schools in poor areas and Yao foundation hope primary school basketball season will be sent to play. According to reports, this years ten small players are from Shiyan City.

Zhan Haoran came to the stage for an interview on behalf of the small players. When asked who his favorite player was, Zhan Haoran was so nervous that he couldnt speak for a long time. Later, encouraged by the host, he calmed down his emotions and said: my favorite player is Sun Yue. He is very handsome and plays well. In particular, the blocking on the field is very strong... As soon as the words came out, the audience and Sun Yue, who was sitting under the stage, breathed a sigh of relief. The host took the opportunity to tease Sun Yue and said, it seems that this is still a true fan of you.

Zhan Haoran and other small players will play in the third quarter of the charity match on the evening of April 4 to show the audience their confidence and skills, and the score of this section will be included in the final total score.

Zhang Lin, reporter of Changjiang Daily

Source: Changjiang Daily Author: Zhang Lin, editor in charge: Qiao yuanlei_ NS1098