2020 Gile & gebt: Ayla ELA IOT lighting personalized development solution leads the industry standard

 2020 Gile & gebt: Ayla ELA IOT lighting personalized development solution leads the industry standard

In the face of this market phenomenon, Ayla ELA IOT has launched a rapid customized development solution for intelligent lighting personalized development, which enables lighting enterprises to achieve personalized customization of products with the minimum cost and the shortest time, enhance the market competitiveness of lighting enterprises, and promote the rapid, orderly and healthy development of intelligent lighting industry.

Ayla intelligent lighting personalized development solution has four major parts:

1u3001 High standard, zero risk and development free cloud module solution

Ayla has developed a variety of communication protocol free cloud modules, including Wi Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi Fi + Bluetooth dual band, etc., which support the application of different lighting scenarios.

Wi Fi module: without gateway and directly controlled by router, the user has low threshold, simple operation, many types of products, can be interconnected, and OTA upgrade is flexible, the number of stable connection devices is less than 20, which is suitable for home lighting;

ZigBee module: the system is highly mature, stable and reliable. With gateway, it can realize local linkage. The number of connected devices is large, and OTA can be upgraded for a long distance. The number of stably connected devices is 100 +, which is suitable for professional lighting;

Bluetooth module: mobile phone direct connection and gateway connection are optional, with the lowest cost and great advantages. It is suitable for independent small system without network. The number of connected devices is 120 +. It is suitable for small system commercial lighting.

Wi Fi + Bluetooth dual mode and dual frequency module: u2fbc cost performance, the price of one module can realize the functions of multiple modules; the user experience is better, the configuration is simpler, and the distribution network speed is faster; the adaptability is stronger, which can greatly solve the use problems caused by the network environment; wrong guidance, when the distribution network fails, analyze the cause of the error and prompt the correct operation scheme.

At present, Aylas cloud module has four product advantages:

1. High stability, high reliability networking module: distribution network optimization to solve the problem of frequent disconnection.

2. Development free, with direct mass production capability: Based on embedded / Linux applications, the function of access to Ayla cloud is transplanted to any suitable chip and device, and integrated with complete Wi Fi distribution network, LAN mode and other functions on the device side, and has been fully tested.

3. In depth cooperation with module manufacturers, hardware 0 risk: cooperation with domestic factories with many years of module manufacturing experience can ensure the quality of modules with zero risk and high stability.

4. Support pintopin: when you want to replace the communication protocol, you dont need to change the appearance and circuit of the product. You can directly replace the new module, saving time and capital cost.

2u3001 Fast access to mainstream third-party voice platform

Ella has access to all mainstream third-party voice platforms such as Amazon echo, Google home, applehomekit, tmall genie, Xiaodu and Xiaoai. For the intelligent lighting industry, this paper puts forward a series of voice solutions integrating hardware, cloud and application, including full link, multi terminal, multi platform, multi region and multi category purpose voice services, and integrates voice skills, voice scenarios, voice applications, etc.

Intelligent lighting enterprises have five advantages in accessing the third-party voice platform on the aylaaiot platform

1. One stop access: the mainstream third-party voice assistant can be accessed with simple operation.

2. Global deployment: global deployment nodes accelerate, millisecond response without delay, and smooth experience is far better than similar platforms.

3. Multilingual adaptation: compatible with localized languages of various voice platform services, covering various countries and regions.

4. Full link encryption: perfect account management and authorization system, full link algorithm encryption, to ensure that all intelligent devices quickly respond to third-party voice platform services.

3u3001 Intelligent product control center of personalized customization

[user defined interface

At present, Ayla has developed and completed the app with very perfect basic functions, such as weather conditions, scanning code sharing, Wi Fi fast distribution network, Bluetooth distribution network, scanning QR code distribution network, intelligent linkage, cloud and local intelligent control, scene configuration, one key control, message push, equipment status monitoring

At the same time, personalized functions can also be customized and developed according to customer needs, such as:

[function customization

1. Intelligent light adjustment function: you can choose the scene lighting scheme you want from the app. There are more than 35 schemes, and you can also create your favorite lighting mode;

2. Timing + countdown, preset scene function: according to the users needs, the plan can be made to let the scene function be executed at the specified time point; the user can also set similar countdown for 5 hours or 30 minutes to turn off all lighting functions;

3. Intelligent Grouping + intelligent sharing function: it can manage two or more intelligent lamp creation groups, and synchronously control the on / off of equipment in the bedroom, living room and dining room at the same time;

4. Energy saving statistical report: the historical current and voltage can be counted and inquired, the energy saving rate can be calculated automatically, and the energy saving analysis report can be formed;

5. Remote operation and maintenance: the background will carry out real-time prediction to help users avoid risks in advance; when the intelligent lighting products have problems that users cant solve, they can call customer service on app to provide one-to-one service.

4u3001 Secure, stable and global deployment of cloud services

As the originator of the Internet of things cloud platform, Ayla is the first enterprise level Internet of things cloud platform in the world, and one of the five largest cloud platforms in the world. It is known as Internet of things cruise overseas. Compared with other cloud platforms at home and abroad, Ayla cloud has insurmountable technical advantages

1. Global deployment and certification to help enterprises go out to sea

Ayla cloud has R & D centers and operation and maintenance teams on five continents, and has opened up the most extensive cloud service provider clusters in the world, such as AWS, Google, azure, Alibaba cloud, baidu cloud, Tencent cloud, Tianyi cloud, woyun Provide secure, stable and fast IOT cloud services for global customers;

At the same time, Ayla has passed more than a dozen international authoritative certifications, such as soc3, FCC, CE, ROHS, SRRC, gdpr, icis027001, etc., which can guarantee the intelligent lighting enterprises to go out to sea and have a smooth global travel.

2. Chinas first soc3 certification platform, carrier level security

Ayla is the first Chinese enterprise to pass soc3 security certification, and has passed the global ISO27001 security management system certification. It processes personal identification information (PII) in strict accordance with gdpr standards to ensure the security of networking products, edge devices and network, ranking first in the country in terms of security level. 3. The third-party developers can design, manage and manage the data independently, and the third-party users can manage and manage the data independently, and Ayla can design and manage the application independently. In this region, users enjoy all intellectual property rights such as data and achievements. If you want to know more about Eira IOT lighting industry solutions, please come to 2020gile & gebt, and we will wait for you in C22, hall 6.1 of China Import and export commodity trade exhibition hall! Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

Ayla multi tenant design enables developers to independently have the full function of aylapaas cloud platform, and can independently carry out user management, equipment management, data management, third-party application integration, application development, etc. In the region, users enjoy all intellectual property rights such as data, achievements and so on.

If you want to know more about Eira IOT lighting industry solutions, please come to 2020gile & gebt, and we will wait for you in C22, hall 6.1 of China Import and export commodity trade exhibition hall!