As a former, Johnson: trump will recover soon

 As a former, Johnson: trump will recover soon

Obviously, everyone is blessing him (trump) and Melania well and hoping that they will recover soon, Johnson said. Im sure he will. He will recover very well

When asked if he would give trump some advice, Johnson said: I think he will do exactly what the doctor says. I believe he will get the best treatment. Im sure hell make it.

Johnson also tweeted the same day after trump tweeted that he and his wife, Melania, were positive for the new coronavirus, wishing them a speedy recovery. Best wishes to President trump and the first lady. I hope they can recover from the new coronavirus as soon as possible He tweeted.

Trump is resting comfortably after using Ridgeway

According to nbc3 news, a white house doctor said that trump does not need any oxygen supplement therapy, but has begun to receive radcivir treatment.

Screenshot of NBC News

Late in the night of the 2nd local time, White House press secretary McNally updated a statement on Trumps illness by White House president doctor Sean Conley, which was released with Trumps permission. Sean said that after consultation with experts from Johns Hopkins University in the afternoon, trump has been recommended to go to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment, and trump is in good condition at present.

Sean also said that trump does not need any oxygen supplement therapy at present, but after consulting with experts, Sean decided to start the redcivir treatment for trump. Currently, trump has taken his first dose of medicine and is resting comfortably..

The name of redseway is familiar to all of us. The antiviral drug, developed by Gilead, an American pharmaceutical company, was originally planned to treat Ebola hemorrhagic fever and Middle East respiratory syndrome. It was highly anticipated by Chinese and foreign public opinions in response to the new coronavirus.

In April this year, Chinese researchers published a clinical trial results that showed that the effect of the drug was not obvious; at the same time, the infectious disease experts such as fudge, who guided the epidemic prevention work of the US government, said that the US side found the drug effective through a clinical trial with a larger sample size than that of the Chinese side, which could shorten the hospitalization time of patients.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is urgently reported by Gilead, who has been reported to be effective in treating new crown pneumonia, but has been found to be able to shorten hospital stays and not reduce mortality. But the drug was still approved by the U.S. official, and was granted the emergency use right..

Trump is in a fair race with the virus after injecting the experimental antibody, he said

CNN: CEO of regenerant says trump is running a race against the virus

His (trump) immune system is racing against the virus, and if the virus wins, obviously, it could have terrible consequences, and what our antibodies can provide is to make the game fair, Schleifer told CNN

Zaiyuan company (information chart)

Because (trump) is older, and for a number of other reasons, he is at high risk, and we hope to boost his immune system by injecting him with antibodies so that he can win the game and fully recover. Shriver went on.

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