Beat Mongolia Japan, buckle stupid America! Lang Ping: other people cant do more than three things. I cant do anything more than one

 Beat Mongolia Japan, buckle stupid America! Lang Ping: other people cant do more than three things. I cant do anything more than one

In 1984, 12-year-old Xu Zheng witnessed the peak of womens volleyball team gold medal. In the past eight years, in the alley, we watched the womens volleyball match together. I was particularly impressed by this. By directing the title unit of I and my motherland, Xu Zheng recreated himself when he was young. He did not use any actors to play volleyball players, but he took us back to the history of Chinese womens volleyball team winning the championship in Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Why do we often mention the spirit of womens volleyball team? In this film, everyone in Shanghai Lane has an answer.

In the 1980s, Chinese womens volleyball team was not only a champion team, but also the spiritual totem of the whole country. After winning the first world championship by beating Japan in 1981, the whole China was boiling. People gathered in Tiananmen Square, shouting long live China, long live womens volleyball team!

The next day, the front pages of almost all newspapers were occupied by the news that womens volleyball team won the championship. Deng Yingchao, then president of the womens Federation, published an article entitled all walks of life come to learn the spirit of womens Volleyball in sports daily, and the spirit of womens Volleyball was called out from then on. Every major competition, the womens volleyball team has become the focus of national attention, schools closed, factories shut down, all walks of life set off the upsurge of learning.

After winning the womens Volleyball Championship, my spiking image has been stamped with stamps, commemorative coins and commemorative medals. Like a national hero, playing basketball is no longer my personal business, but a national event. Lang Ping recalled.

In 1982, returning from the world championships in Peru, Yuan Weimin said: our goal is to achieve three consecutive titles. However, after winning the second world championship, the womens volleyball team has undergone a great change of blood. Sun JinFang, Chen Yaqiong, Cao Huiying, Chen Zhaodi and Yang Xi retired. In the 1983 Asian championship, the Chinese womens volleyball team, which was at the turn of the old and the new, lost the Asian championship by losing 3-0 to Japan in the final. Japanese media believe that the 1984 Olympic champion will become a dispute between Japan and the United States.

The Chinese womens volleyball team has been in a low ebb for the time being. Yuan Weimin realized that there was a lack of tacit understanding among the players, so he invited retired old players such as sun JinFang to do ideological work for the new players. At the same time, he used the method of changing the main force into the substitute and the substitute into the main force to enhance the tacit understanding between the players. In the Spring Festival of 1984, the womens volleyball team had a devil like closed training in Chenzhou. There are many difficulties and the future is uncertain, but they did not give up the goal of hitting the third consecutive championship.

As shown in winning the championship, fans have high expectations for this womens volleyball team. Before leaving for Los Angeles, a girl from Nanjing University handed over a red handkerchief to Lang Ping for her grandmother. Jiefang Daily wrote: a handkerchief fully shows the care and support of one billion people for womens volleyball.

Yuan Weimin


In 1984, the Warsaw Pact countries led by the Soviet Union boycotted the Los Angeles Olympic Games, so the Soviet Union womens volleyball team and Cuba Womens volleyball team did not participate. However, the top four teams of China, Peru, the United States and Japan in the 1982 World Championships were not absent, and the competition was still very fierce. Japan regards the Chinese womens volleyball team as the number one imaginary enemy. After arriving in Los Angeles, the male players in training wear vests with Chinese players names and numbers. Coach Takeo Yamada is confident: the state of Japanese womens volleyball team is very good, this time against China, I believe that the Chinese Panda will not be easily eaten.

As the host country, the United States is also determined to win the championship. In his autobiography passion years, Lang Ping recalled: every day, he insisted on 8 hours of collective training, 12 players, none of them got married. During the training period, none of them had a formal job. They did nothing for volleyball In more than a year, they have traveled around the world and played nearly 100 games. The team has only one belief: to win the Los Angeles Olympic Games

Lang Ping was at the 1984 Olympic Games.

In the first two games of the group match, the Chinese womens volleyball team defeated Brazil and Federal Germany 3-0, and the third game encountered the host American team. According to the rules, the loser of this game will face Japan, the first place in the other group. Before the match, coach Salinger of the United States made a joke with Zhang Yipei, the leader of the Chinese womens volleyball team: you have a way to deal with the Japanese team. Youd better leave it to you.

Spa Salinger prophesied that although the total score of the four innings was 1 point more than that of the United States, the Chinese womens volleyball team still lost 1-3 to the opponent. Heyman and kloster bombed in front of the net. The Chinese team did not have much to do. On the contrary, Lang Pings spiking was repeatedly intercepted by the opponents auxiliary attack Majes. Whats more fatal is that the critical moment is frequently wrong. Under the heavy pressure, the girls mentality collapsed.

It is the tradition of Chinese womens volleyball team not to stay overnight if there is a problem. The summary meeting has been open until more than two oclock in the morning. The main reasons for the loss are basically sorted out, but the dark cloud in Lang Pings mind has not cleared away. As the teams number one main attacker, iron hammer bear a huge pressure, can not eat, Zhang Rongfang accompanied her sitting on the lawn of the Olympic Village, silent tears. Yuan Weimin comforted iron hammer: dont be too bad with yourself, but with your opponent. Its a generals demeanor to be able to take it up and put it down.

Lang Ping wrote in his diary: the game on August 3 was held down by the opponent. I recognized it. Admit the reality, but Im not convinced. I havent really played my level yet. Lang Ping or Lang Ping, I am still a high-level attacker.

After watching the second set, Japanese coach Takeo Yamada went back to rest with the Japanese womens volleyball team. He thought that the Chinese team would win, but the United States actually won. Playing China ahead of time is also the last situation for the Japanese team. They have to beat China in the semi-final to reach the final.

There is no need for any mobilization in the Sino Japanese war. One year ago, the Asian Championship was lost, and the awarding ceremony was held by takayo Yamada. The scene of ignoring Yuan Weimin is still vivid. Before the game, Lang Ping reassured his teammates: please dont worry. Family matters are only three, but Im just one.

Both sides are prepared. Yamada wants to win by surprise, disrupt the rhythm of the Chinese team, and sacrifice the secret weapons. The Chinese team has made three strategies: playing tactics and changing; controlling strong attack and blocking fast attack; grasping serve and breaking a pass.

After the first game, the situation gradually became clear. Japans attack points of position 3 and position 4, which repeatedly worked well in the Asian championship, were basically blocked. Yamada, who once led the team to participate in three Olympic Games and won three World Championships, was also in a mess. When he asked for a replacement, he found that the players did not stand beside him as required, so he had to call it pause.

When he was 5-9 behind, Yamada didnt play his cards according to the routine. Instead, he sent his main attacker Sugiyama and daiko to play a second setter to intercept Lang Ping. However, Japans secret weapons did not work. Lang Ping scored 11 points in the whole match, while the Chinese womens volleyball team only spent an hour and 20 minutes to knock out the Japanese team in three straight sets.

On the other side, the host country, the United States, beat Peru to reach the final. The United States and China met, and 12000 tickets for the final were quickly sold out. The ticket price went from $100 to $200 or 300, and it was still difficult to get one ticket.


This is a competition that Lang Ping will never forget in his life. The Olympic village is surrounded by barbed wire, and there are helicopters escorted on the way to the final. When the Chinese team enters the arena, the soundtrack is three major disciplines and eight points for attention.

There was an episode when the two sides chose the colors of their jerseys, and the U.S. team strongly demanded blue. In the 1981 World Cup, the U.S. team lost to China in a white shirt, which they thought was unlucky. At the 1982 World Championships, the U.S. team defeated the Chinese womens volleyball team in a blue team uniform. With the victory in the group stage of the Olympic Games, blue became their superstitious lucky color.

According to common sense, the host should take the initiative to make the Chinese team give priority to the selection. However, Yuan Weimin thinks it doesnt matter because red is the color of the national flag, so its more powerful to wear. Before the game starts, the psychological game tricks are everywhere. When Lang Ping warmed up, he saw an American standing on the sideline shaking a sign, which said in English: America frightens you. The TV screen above the players aisle showed pictures of Salinger and American players hanging gold medals. Lang Ping turned to his teammates and said, were going to take the gold medal off someone elses neck.

In the first game against Brazil, Hou Yuzhu tried hard, but she failed to serve at that time. This time, the game is more critical and there is no loss. Hou Yuzhu said frankly that when serving, he was so nervous that he couldnt see the net anywhere. It was totally a subconscious action.

Hou Yuzhu retreated to the front of the baffle and sent out a floating ball. It seemed that the ball was high. The American players dodged and were ready to wait for the ball to go out of the bounds. However, the ball suddenly fell and fell within the bounds and scored directly.

For the second serve, the United States team was on guard. However, the quality of the pass was poor, and he put the ball in front of the net.

Hou Yuzhu serves to establish the victory.

In the second set, the U.S. team lost its standard, and the Chinese team led by 13-3. Hou Yuzhu appeared again. For the first serve, the opponent is judged to be a combo when he receives the ball; for the second ball, it goes straight into the net, and the secret weapon again scores two points. When Hou Yuzhu leaves, Yuan Weimin takes the initiative to shake hands with her. According to the team doctors recollection, this is the first time that Yuan Weimin has shaken hands with his players on the sidelines since he took charge of the Chinese womens volleyball team.

The last two points in the second inning

The third set, a smooth start, the Chinese womens volleyball team quickly led by 14-5, since then the United States womens volleyball team even 4 points, Yuan Weimin called a pause. After the pause, the Chinese team first regained the right to serve, and then successfully played a defensive counterattack by veteran Zhang Rongfang.

Zhang Rongfangs last shot.

The long beach stadium in Los Angeles broke out into warm applause, and the Chinese fans on the scene raised the red flag excitedly. At this time, the womens volleyball girls hold together, just want to cry. A reporter placed a tape recorder in the dressing room, hoping to record the real feelings of the girls. However, the tape recorded not only crying but also crying.

After the competition, Lang Ping wrote a letter to his friend Wang Hui: the historic Olympic Games are over. And we have finally achieved the grand goal of three consecutive titles. This is the dream of my ten years of volleyball career, so that when the referees last whistle blew, I thought I was dreaming. I cant believe it has become a reality

In 1984, China needed to prove itself with Olympic gold medals. 35 years later, sport has returned to its own significance to a great extent. But what remains unchanged is that the spirit of the womens volleyball team has been passed down like a torch. As Lang Ping said, the goal of Chinese womens volleyball team is only one: raising the national flag and playing the national anthem. Source of this article: Wang Chengcheng, responsible editor of Netease sports manuscript_ NB12651

In 1984, China needed to prove itself with Olympic gold medals. 35 years later, sport has returned to its own significance to a great extent. But what remains unchanged is that the spirit of the womens volleyball team has been passed down like a torch. As Lang Ping said, the goal of Chinese womens volleyball team is only one: raising the national flag and playing the national anthem.