Manchester City unjustly died? Leeds forbidden area handball + 2 fouls, the referee var whole process did not express

 Manchester City unjustly died? Leeds forbidden area handball + 2 fouls, the referee var whole process did not express

After entering the second half of the game, Manchester Citys offensive weakened, but Leeds United had the upper hand, and Rodrigo, who came on the bench, stabbed the home team in the 58th minute to level the score. Since then, the blue moon Legion counter attack, once created a lot of threats, but failed to rewrite the score on the field. With the deepening of the game, just when city are at a loss and in urgent need of goals to reverse the momentum, the game began to appear a lot of controversy. It is no exaggeration to say that the blue moon Legion is unjustly leveled!

The first controversy of the game appeared in the 82nd minute, after receiving Bernardo Silvas pass, Foden drove the ball into the left side of the restricted area, and then swept the ball across the middle road. Bernardo Silva covered the front of the small restricted area and his left foot strafed was blocked by Davis. Bernardo Silva quickly got up to complain that the opponent was suspected of handball, but the referee on duty ignored it. Slow motion replay shows that after Bernardo Silvas downfall shot, the ball did hit Daviss open arm, and the referee could give a penalty.

There has been more than one such dispute. The 85th minute, Manchester City players left side arc ball in the forbidden area, Stirling was in charge of marking Davis pushed the moment of receiving the ball, the England ace then fell down, but the referee on duty still did not say. Slow motion shows that Davis and Stirling fight for the ball behind the moment, there is a push in his hand. British media sky sports announcer said city was missed another penalty!

The closer to the end of the game, the more controversy on the field, and this time it was Manchester City who suffered. At that time, the 87th minute of the game, Manchester City launched another attack. After several players passed the ball continuously, the ball came to the right side of the restricted area. Stirling made a lateral turn in the restricted area, and Cooper tripped over when trying to pass with the ball. The referee on duty still did not say anything. Guardiola on the sideline could only shake his head.

Interestingly, two seasons ago, city had benefited from misjudgments, and even coach Guardiola himself admitted to taking advantage. Now in a game in a short period of five minutes, three consecutive missed penalty kicks, the blue moon Legion is also considered to have paid the debt before!

Source: Netease sports Author: Xin Yi, editor in charge: Xu Zexin_ BJS4919