Little prince: roses have a special love for you. This love is not just a talk

 Little prince: roses have a special love for you. This love is not just a talk

Its a wonderful fate, (Wen / Piaoyu Tong) Ive met you here many years ago.


I happened to see it. I was lucky. Come all the way before you turn around and leave.


You call yourself ha ha Jing, which is homophonic with ha ha mirror. Im afraid you dont want to play them any more.

The head portrait is Zheng Zhixun. The king of Asia with small eyes, he looks at you so happily.


Ive seen your pictures, it doesnt matter at all. Appreciate a person, if only look at the appearance that superficial ridiculous.

Whats more, you are a handsome man. Well, now hes a middle-aged and handsome man. I hope youre OK.

I always pay close attention to you in Yichang, hoping that nothing will affect you. But, never disturb much.


And you leave those years, I crazy like the whole network looking for people. Oh, what a shame.

I think, I spend my whole life on you and xiaoyuyu. Amazing time, gentle years.


At that time, I was crazy about little prince. Also unknowingly, will you into the little prince. Hey, Im sorry.

You know that, dont you? Every rose has its own little prince, whenever and wherever.


Im like a rose, waving little hands with thorns: Ill protect myself, you dont have to worry about it.

The little prince has what the little prince wants to do. He cant always be with me. Warm feeling, lasting forever.

Today is your Lunar birthday, I wish my little prince: Happy Birthday! Deo gratias! Read as before.