Hangzhou property market cooling: only once in 90 days

 Hangzhou property market cooling: only once in 90 days

A real estate consultant told magnesium editor that he only sold three second-hand houses this year. Its better for someone to take over the job of the real estate group and sell more than 10 sets in a month. But Ive only heard that its divine.

Do you buy a house in Hangzhou this holiday?

New housing market: a temporary departure from wanrenyao

Xixi mansion is the pinnacle of Hangzhous ten thousand people shake. In the early June of this year, nearly 60000 participants participated in the lottery, and the winning rate was only 1.23%. The real estate consultant said that the project of selling the house in March next year will surely earn a luxury car was once so popular that the lottery system collapsed. College students were asked to help review the customer information in the Internet bar. There was no model room, so customers could only choose blindly according to the house type map and sand table.

At the beginning of July this year, Hangzhou issued a new policy on the property market, limiting the purchase of high-level talents for five years. The proportion of new houses below 35000 yuan per square meter for the families without houses has been increased to 50%, and the identification of families without houses is stricter.

A few days later, the wanrenyao seed contestant and guangchenyue received the last pre-sale permit. The 143 houses attracted 17319 groups of customers to register, and the winning rate was only 0.83%. According to the public information, the winning rate of this project in the previous few lotteries was 3.64% and the lowest was only 0.78%. It was all luck to win the lottery.

After this, a large number of stock network red disk suddenly disappeared.

After the promulgation of the new deal, Hangzhou released six red plates, including Vanke Sky City, Dexin Grand Canal Yunzhuang, Vanke Qianchen, and Yangguang city xingyaohua Yangli, which are dedicated to talent and homeowners. The effect of regulation and control is obvious. From the average winning rate of the six projects, only two projects are about 10%, and the other four projects are above 20%, and the highest is 67.42%. The total number of people registered in each disk is less than 5000.

The main purpose of the 9.4 New Deal is to limit investors and curb speculation enthusiasm. Only from the lottery situation of these hot real estate projects, the stage goal has been achieved.

According to Zhejiang Online official data, as of 20:00 on September 30, the number of second-hand housing transactions in Hangzhou stayed at 9464 units in September. This is also the first month since April this year that the number of second-hand housing transactions did not exceed 10000. And before this, Hangzhou second-hand housing transaction has been broken for 5 consecutive months.

In addition, according to the statistics of my love family, in the first three quarters of this year, the turnover of second-hand housing in Hangzhou increased by 49.36% year-on-year, creating the highest quarterly turnover level since the second quarter of 2017 (36451 sets).

In fact, after stabilizing the new housing market, a large number of market demand has shifted to the second-hand housing market.

In late August, some media reported that the Shenzhen real estate group moved to Hangzhou. According to Zhejiang Online, in recent months, there are signs that Shenzhen real estate speculators have entered Hangzhou, and their figures have also appeared in several popular plates. Some real estate agents took over the Shenzhen real estate group and sold 11 second-hand houses a month.

According to the survey, Shen * and his wife, the tutors of Shenzhen real estate speculation, have turned their target to Hangzhou. They have cooperated closely with the local we media big V, taking knowledge planet as the carrier, conducting live broadcasting, selling courses, recommending popular sectors they like, guiding customers to pay for membership, and finally buying a house, which is the same as their previous operation in Shenzhen. One of the members of Shen * and his wife has successfully bought Hangzhou State. (for details of Shenzhen real estate speculation, please refer to the previous report of the daily economic news

How does a complete huff chain of real estate speculation in Shenzhen come into being?


In the circle of Hangzhou * Ge, a local we media, all magnesium editors see are words like breaking through the purchase restriction, avoiding all risks in various ways, earning 1 million yuan in real estate every year, all depends on small skills, and providing exclusive preferential channel resources such as loan, lottery, social security, breaking the purchase restriction, etc. The entry fee is 299 yuan, and the fee will increase by 10 yuan for each additional 100 people.

However, another big V * MAS, who had worked closely with Shen * and his wife, announced on September 10 that he would withdraw from Hangzhou after finishing the live broadcast with great enthusiasm.

A group of unavoidable data is that at present, Hangzhous second-hand housing has reached 124260 units. In September, 107 pre-sale permits were issued in Hangzhous ten districts, and 19799 housing units were launched (data from Zhejiang News).

He said, gold nine silver ten second-hand transactions have been cold, which is undoubtedly worse for the Hangzhou property market with increasingly high inventory.

On October 1, he also posted a micro blog, which read:

The words are full of self mockery and helplessness. Author Chen Mengyu editor Wei literature and art source: magnesium engraving real estate editor: Zhong Qiming_ NF5619

The words are full of self mockery and helplessness.

Chen Mengyu

Editor Wei literature and art